A Tesla owner who reportedly butt-dialed a $4,280 update is struggling to get a refund, highlighting a longtime complaint from customers

A Tesla Model 3 owner said he had a "nightmare" trying to refund an accidental in-app purchase. Tesla
A Tesla Model 3 owner is struggling to get a refund after accidentally purchasing an updated driver assistance feature for more than $ 4,000, CNBC reported.
The owner, Dr. Ali Vaziri said his cell phone was in his pocket when he unknowingly spent $ 4,280 on the Tesla app.
Vaziri called his local Tesla store and the company's customer service number, but Tesla did not refund the purchase.
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One benefit of Tesla is that the electric car maker broadcasts wireless software updates so owners can improve their car's performance and add other features without going into a dealer or buying a newer model. However, the ability to upgrade your Tesla on a whim has its downsides - at least for a Model 3 owner.
Ali Vaziri accidentally purchased a $ 4,280 software upgrade through the Tesla app on Sept. 24 and hasn't received a refund weeks later, CNBC reported. Vaziri found out about the expensive purchase when he received a mobile notification of the transaction from his bank.
"My cell phone was in my jeans," Vaziri told CNBC. "I took it out, put it on that charger that came with your Tesla, and that's it. A minute later? I received the text. I've never bought anything through the Tesla app."
Vaziri linked a credit card to his Tesla account in order to pay a monthly fee for "premium connectivity". However, the card was billed thousands of additional fees for a feature it didn't want - enhanced autopilot, according to CNBC. Tesla introduced $ 4,000 worth of driver assistance functionality in September as a lower-cost alternative to the company's "full self-driving" option, which despite its name is not currently fully autonomous.
Vaziri called his local Tesla store and service center along with a customer service number to no avail, CNBC reported. The customer service rep asked Vaziri to click the "Refund" button on the Tesla app, but Vaziri said there was no such button. An email Tesla sent Vaziri to confirm the accidental transaction only directed him to Tesla's support website, which suggested calling the local service center.
Tesla has still not refunded the purchase, according to CNBC, prompting Vaziri to abandon the transaction through its credit card company.
"The car has been great since I had it. But that was a nightmare," Vaziri told the point of sale. "The customer service is terrible."
Tesla and Apple did not immediately respond to Business Insider's requests for comment. In-app purchases must be verified by the user using a passcode, fingerprint reader, or FaceID, Apple told CNBC.
This isn't the first time a Tesla owner has accidentally made an expensive purchase through the Tesla app. In January, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stepped in to help a customer who unknowingly purchased a $ 4,333 upgrade and was denied a refund.
"Tesla refunds should generally be easy to obtain electronically and securely through customer service," Musk tweeted in response to this customer's complaint.
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