A Texas border patrol officer was charged after she used a coworker's login to bring her children's nanny into the US from Mexico

A train passes the Customs and Border Protection office next to the Texas Mexican Railway International Bridge in Laredo, Texas on January 14, 2019. SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP via Getty Images
A customs and border guard officer was charged with taking in an undocumented immigrant.
Prosecutors allege Rhonda Lee Walker used a staff computer to scan the woman's documents.
Walker admitted hiring the immigrant as a nanny and housekeeper for her mother and children.
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A Texas border guard was accused of helping an undocumented Mexican woman across the border to become her housekeeper and nanny, the Justice Department said on Wednesday.
Rhonda Lee Walker, 40, was charged with conspiring to transport an illegal alien and making false statements.
According to court records, Customs and Border Protection received a tip in June from an anonymous caller that Walker had a janitor who was not allowed to work in the United States.
Agents from the Office of Professional Responsibility monitored her home shortly after, saying they saw a woman taking care of Walker's children and housework and was later identified as a Mexican citizen without a work visa.
Months later, investigators said they discovered that Walker had previously transferred money to Walker's family in Mexico. After reviewing footage from the border in Laredo, Texas, agents said they saw Walker escort the woman to a checkpoint where Walker used a colleague's computer login to inspect and approve the nanny's nonimmigrant visa scan to allow her to enter the US illegally.
Border guards interviewed the nanny when she tried again to cross the border into the United States in February, where she admitted that Walker hired her to do housekeeping and childcare. The woman said Walker helped her cross the border by making an appointment for the nanny at a plasma center to bypass travel restriction protocols and helping her skip the line of cars at the border to get around to facilitate entry into the country DOJ.
Investigators later spoke to Walker, who admitted escorting the immigrant across the border in violation of protocol. During their interrogation, prosecutors allege Walker initially lied to agents about the money transfer she sent to the nanny's family, but later issued a written statement admitting the payment.
If convicted, Walker could spend up to 20 years in federal prison for knowingly transporting an undocumented immigrant and up to five more years for making materially false statements.
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