A TikTok star who was arrested on drug-related charges in May is breaking his silence about the incident

Bryce Hall.
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Sway, also known as Sway LA, is a TikTok Collab House and a creative collective modeled on One Direction and 90s boy bands.
Bryce Hall, 20, is Sway's unspoken ringleader and "a well-known party animal".
In May, Hall and his colleague "Sway Boy" Jaden Hossler were arrested for drug abuse.
In an essay for people entitled "There's a time and place for everything ... including a party animal," Hall made his long-awaited explanation of the incident and how he was forced to change in the month since then.
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Bryce Hall rarely apologizes publicly - this has been true since he started on YouTube and continues to apply to his oversized presence on TikTok, where he has become a king among Eboys. So it was not surprising that his social media feeds returned to normal after returning from an overland trip in May. During this time, Hall and his colleague "Sway Boy" Jaden Hossler were arrested and detained overnight in Lee County, Texas for drug allegations. Both bailed and were released the next morning. Immediately afterwards, however, it was unclear how the incident would change Hall: a self-proclaimed party animal that often seems to thrive on internet controversy.
Shortly afterwards, Hossler and Josh Richards, another familiar face of Sway, announced an indefinite break from the group and left the Bel Air villa, which they had shared since January. But Hall was largely silent on the matter until he wrote a Tuesday essay for People.
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The essay begins with a Bible verse from Prediger: "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun." According to Hall, it is a quote that has been at the forefront of his thinking in the weeks since his encounter with the police.
"I sat in this prison cell for a day and had so much time to think," Hall wrote. "I thought about how much I let my mother down. As a single mother, she worked really hard to raise me and was always my greatest supporter of everything - including my mistakes."
Hall also thought of his father - "someone who was never there and who knew that he was abusive and irresponsible."
"He spent time behind bars for unpaid child support and child abuse," Hall continued. "And when I was in that cell, I felt like my father. It was a shameful and shameful experience. I had promised myself over the past twenty years that I would never be like him ... and there I was. "
Hall noticed that he had been living alone since the age of 16, working consistently and taking care of himself. He knew that he "had the tools to be responsible" but could not ignore the feeling that he was "lost".
But Hall says the arrest and the related revelation pushed him to make much-needed lifestyle changes. Since then, he says, he has been trying to cut down on his vices and hold on to his "renewed sense of self" and self-purpose.
"I realized that it doesn't depend on being drunk to do justice to my Party Animal brand," he added. "It's about who I am. There is a time and place to go crazy ... and I can go crazy without alcohol - whether I'm diving on cliffs with my Sway brothers or one of the hype house boys Prank by stealing her shield. "
Hall says the most pronounced way he works to improve after the arrest is to take a path towards sobriety.
"It was transformative," Hall said of the process. "While I still drink occasionally, the times when I drink heavily every day are over. After I become sober, my body and mind feel amazing. I am more focused than ever and am constantly working hard on my brand and has never been so strong. I look forward to posting amazing content for my fans on social media. "
Like Richards, Hall was looking for new ways to give something back and make a positive contribution to the world. Earlier this month, he donated more than $ 30,000 in proceeds from his new line to NAACP and protested the police brutality with TikTok superstar Addison Rae Easterling at his side.
"There is a time and place for everything - to celebrate, to work hard and to make a difference," Hall finished the essay. "I want people to know Bryce Hall for all three; not just the first one. Above all, I want my mother to know that she raised a great son. While I messed up in the past, I learn and growing ... and I will make you proud. I promise. "
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