A TikToker discovered a hidden staircase leading to a secret basement in their house

A TikToker found a secret basement in a closet under the stairs. @ abi_mia14 / TikTok
A TikToker said they found hidden stairs that led to a basement under a closet.
In a video @ abi_mia14 viewers can see a dark room with dusty shelves and posters.
TikTok users commented on how scary the basement looks and compared it to a horror movie.
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One TikToker said they discovered a basement under the floor of their closet that they knew nothing about, and TikTok users compared the discovery to the plot of a horror movie.
In the video posted by user @ abi_mia14 in May, the TikToker leads viewers into a closet under a staircase that has had the floor removed, revealing a gaping hole and dark staircase. After the TikToker goes down the stairs, it reveals that the basement is filled with torn posters and dust-covered shelves. The on-screen text reads "Someone was 100% down here."
In the comments section on TikTok, @ abi_mia14 wrote that they usually keep their vacuum in the closet and noticed the bottom sounded hollow which led them to remove it to see what was underneath. TikTok user @ abi_mia14 did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
@ abi_mia14
Wtaf! This is scary! ## unknownbasment ## fyp ## duet ## scary
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The video had nearly a million views and 29,000+ likes at the time of writing, and some TikTok users said they were thoroughly sneaked out in the comments section.
"Boo, this is like 'The Conjuring,'" wrote one user, referring to the famous horror film in which the main character is trapped by a ghost in a basement.
"Just close it and pretend you never found it," added someone else.
Others weren't so surprised by the hidden cellar.
"Don't people see floor plans and deeds for houses before they buy?" a TikToker asked.
"Fam., This is common in British homes," wrote another person.
The TikToker takes viewers to the basement, where torn posters cover the walls. @ abi_mia14 / TikTok
User @ abi_mia14 isn't the first person to record their surprising discoveries on TikTok. Across the platform, users have shared their unexpected finds.
More than a dozen TikTokers were shocked to learn that their bathroom medicine cabinets had slots for old, rusty razor blades, which was common in homes built before 1970.
In April, a couple discovered a hidden shower while renovating their home, and another TikToker went viral in March after finding an entire apartment behind their bathroom mirror.
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