A top Liberty University basketball player is transferring after Jerry Falwell Jr. tweeted a blackface photo

Jerry Falwell Jr. speaks before a meeting at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, in 2018.
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Asia Todd, a women's basketball player at Liberty University, says she changes due to the "racial insensitivity" shown by the school administration.
Two weeks ago, LU President Jerry Falwell Jr. tweeted a picture of a face mask with a photo of someone in black and a person in KKK robes.
The photo, which reappeared for the first time in 2019, appeared in Governor Ralph Northam's medical school yearbook in the 1980s. Northam initially admitted that he was in the photo and then denied it.
Dozens of Black LU alum have called Falwell to resign, and at least four employees have left college.
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A top player on the Liberty University women's basketball team has announced that she will be leaving school two weeks after school president Jerry Falwell Jr. tweeted an image of a face mask with the image of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in black letters.
In a video posted on Twitter on Thursday, Sophomore Asia Todd said she had entered her name on the NCAA transfer portal "and will no longer be visiting Liberty University," WSET said.
"The racist insensitivity within leadership and culture simply doesn't match my moral compass or my personal beliefs. So I did what I thought was best in my heart and did what was right," said they.
Todd, who scored an average of 8.6 points for the Liberty Flames last season, was the college's first all-freshman team honoree at the Atlantic Sun Conference, according to The Sporting News.
"Please know that this decision was not taken lightly," she added. "This decision had nothing to do with basketball or the program. This decision was simply bigger than basketball."
Asia Todd
Announcement: I have entered my name in the transfer portal and will no longer visit Liberty University
05:18 a.m. - June 11, 2020
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Todd had spoken about racial injustices on her Twitter feed for several days, stating that she participated in a protest against Black Lives Matter in Raleigh, North Carolina, on May 30.
Asia Todd
These times prove that life is bigger than sport. The reality is that there are real battles that need to be won.
8:50 p.m. - June 1, 2020
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Todd didn't respond to a comment request.

Liberty University told Insider: "Regarding Asia Todd, the NCAA rules prohibit discussion of a student athlete who has entered the transfer portal."

Their departure is the last fallout since May 27, when Falwell tweeted in protest at Governor Northam's recommendation that Virginians wear face masks to mitigate the spread of the novel corona virus.
"If I am ordered to wear a mask, I will reluctantly stick to it, but only if this picture of Governor Blackface can be seen on it," Falwell wrote, referring to the allegations that Northam had on Halloween in 1984 -Party with Blackface.
A screenshot of Jerry Falwell Jr.'s tweet from May 27th.
The photo, which shows someone in black standing next to another person in a Klu Klux Klan robe, reappeared for the first time in February 2019.

Northam initially admitted that he was in the picture, but denied it a day later. However, he admitted to having put on a black face to dress up like Michael Jackson.

Falwell's tweet contained an image of a face mask with the photo of Klansman and a person in black.
Jerry Falwell and Donald Trump at a campaign event in Iowa in 2019.
On June 1, an open letter from 35 Black LU alumni said Falwell's tweet "had highlighted our nation's painful history of slavery and racism."
"For a number of years you have said and defended inappropriate statements that represent freedom and our faith very poorly," it says. "They belittled employees, students, and parents, defended inappropriate behavior by politicians, promoted violence, and disregarded people of other faiths."
The signatories urged Falwell to step down as president.
A sign for the Liberty Flames at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.
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At least four black faculties and staff have resigned since Falwell's tweet was sent, Inside Higher Ed reported. One of the most notable was Quan McLaurin, the director of the Diversity Retention School.

A Liberty University representative said insiders the school "did not discuss staffing issues." But McLaurin told the Washington Post that between 2007 and 2018, Liberty's student body increased from 10% black to 4%.

"Some draw a direct line between the beginning of President Falwell's divisive, insensitive, and apologetic attitude toward politics and this decline," he said.
McLaurin launched the "LUnderground Railroad", a GoFundMe for Liberty University employees who want to resign but are unable to do so for financial reasons. To date, the company has raised more than $ 12,000 from its $ 30,000 goal.
Falwell deleted the Blackface tweet on Monday.
"I understand that by tweeting an image to commemorate the governor 's racist past, I actually freshened up the trauma that this image caused and offended some by using the image to raise a political point make, "he tweeted that afternoon.
Liberty University was founded in 1971 by evangelist Jerry Falwell, father of the current president.
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