A TV crew reporting on California's wave of smash-and-grab store raids say they were shot and almost robbed while covering a theft

A still from KRON4 footage captured after the crew security guard was shot
A television crew in Oakland was attacked by robbers while filming, KRON4 reported.
The crew covered a robbery amid a wave of mass attacks around the Bay Area.
Her security guard was shot in the lower abdomen and is recovering from the surgery, KRON4 said.
A television crew covering a raid on a shop in the Bay Area reported that they were attacked by robbers who shot their security guard and tried to steal their camera.
At around noon on Wednesday, the KRON4 crew reported a break-in that had occurred two days earlier at Prime 356, a clothing store in Oakland, the outlet said.
While the crew was filming, shots were fired and their security guard, whom the point of sale did not name, was shot in the lower abdomen and had to be hospitalized, KRON4 reported. At around 4 p.m. he came out of the operation in a stable condition. that day reported it.
Two others were shot dead in the incident, the outlet reported. A reporter, also not named, continued filming as the scene unfolded but was "shocked" by the events, the outlet said.
"It's really just a heartbreaking day for us at KRON4," said presenter Jonathan McCall when the network broke the news from the studio shortly thereafter.
Targeting robbers at intelligence teams has been a problem in the Bay Area for years, and it is common practice for them to hire security guards to report on the scene, The Guardian reported in 2013.
In this case, the crew responded to one of many store break-ins in a wave of mass robberies that has struck the Bay Area in the past two weeks.
Burglars at Prime 356, Oakland appeared to have almost completely evacuated the store in this security material.Fox News / Prime 356
Surveillance footage of the Prime 356 break-in showed about 30 people poured into the store, ransacked it, and looted almost all of its inventory of sneakers, hats and sweaters in less than 30 seconds. The store owner told NBC Bay Area it was the second break-in in a month, which combined cost him about $ 180,000.
Groups of up to 80 people have targeted numerous high-end stores since last week, breaking security in stores like Louis Vuitton and Bloomingdale's to loot thousands of dollars in goods - often within minutes.
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