A ‘UPS guy’ saw something attached to a jug in a Florida pond. Then came two rescues

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A sharp-eyed UPS delivery man got through the clutch on Florida's Space Coast.
According to a Wild Florida Rescue Facebook post on Saturday, a "UPS guy named Matt called about an unfamiliar bird with a pitcher attached."
In the comments section, the organization explains that the creature was discovered in a detention pool outside a church on North Wickham Road in Viera.
The post shows a picture of the empty, see-through jug, with no bird to be seen anywhere.
Reason? The caption says two other Good Samaritans waded into the water to free the bird from its plastic prison before rescue workers could come to the rescue.
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Since Wild Florida couldn't post photos of the bird since it's been long gone, it's said they at least managed to "save" the pitcher by recycling, hence the picture.
The post closes with a shoutout to the anonymous helpers.
"We would like to say a big thank you to Matt and the couple who saved the bird's life."
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