A woman's pet cat kept stealing from her neighbors, so she put up a 'My Cat Is a Thief' yard sign next to all the stolen goods

Kate Felmet's garden with a sign that reads "My cat is a thief". Courtesy Kate Felmet
Kate Felmet has put up a courtyard sign calling her cat a thief for stealing from her neighbors.
Next to the sign, Felmet hung all the stolen items from gloves to belts on a clothesline.
Felmet said she has merged more than a dozen items with their original owners since the shield was made.
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Kate Felmet went door-to-door making "apologies" to her neighbors when her cat Esme stole her gloves, face masks and other items that could fit in her mouth, she told Insider.
But recently she found a better way to deal with her klepto cat.
Esme has brought Felmet at least one stolen item every day since she first went outside in the summer of 2019. First she brought birds and garbage.
"My mom is an avid bird watcher and was pretty desperate, so I started praising Esme for everything she brought me that wasn't a bird," said Felmet. "Every time she brings something she comes in the back door and screams in a very distinctive and harsh way until I tell her she did a good job."
When the coronavirus lockdown began in the spring of 2020, Esme started increasing their gifts. She brought home several face masks a day. One day she brought home 11.
Esme brought home a lot of strange things, Felmet said. But in April she seemed to focus on gardening gloves.
"For a week in late April, she brought two pairs a day," said Felmet. "By the end of the week I had 14 pairs and I thought if I don't do anything about it, I'll be overwhelmed by the end of summer." So she decided to make the sign and put a clothesline with all the stolen items in her front yard.
Felmet estimates that since then she has reunited 10 pairs of gloves, several masks and a running belt with their original owners - their neighbors.
"They seem amused most of the time," she said of her neighbors, "but it's kind of uncomfortable with the family Esme stole the same knee pads from her garage three times."
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