A woman says she was told to wait outside of a car inspection station because her shirt was 'inappropriate'

Tia Wood wore a crop top and shorts to the car control station. @ tiawould / TikTok
Tia Wood said in a TikTok that she was asked to wait outside a car control station because of her outfit.
Wood said it was because her shirt was "too inappropriate".
She told Insider that she was surprised but not surprised.
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A TikTok user named Tia Wood said she was told to wait outside a car control station in Lakewood, New Jersey because her outfit was "inappropriate".
In a TikTok video posted on July 20, Wood can be seen in a crop top, denim shorts, and white sneakers.
"I was told to wait outside the inspection station because my shirt was too inappropriate," she captioned the video, which had 2.2 million views at the time of writing.
DIDN'T KNOW THAT UR INSPECTED CAR HAD A DRESS CODE !!!!!! ? ❤️‍ ?????? ## fyp ## DontQuitYourDaydream ## UltaSkinTok
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Wood told Insider that she was exposed to her shirt by a woman who works at the Lakewood MVC Inspection Station.
The Lakewood MVC inspection station did not immediately respond to Insider's request to comment on the story.
In a follow-up to TikTok that was posted on July 20 and had 355,000 views at the time of writing, Wood said the staff member asked her if she had another shirt to wear. Wood explained in the video that when the employee said she didn't have another shirt, he replied, "Then I'm sorry ma'am. You have to wait outside for your car to be ready."
Wood told Insider that the employee demonstrated with her hands exactly how to go around the building and where to wait outside. She said the area was a long way from where other customers were waiting for their cars.
"I just got out of my car and took the walk to the back of the building," said Wood.
the time when I was dressed at the inspection station
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After the vehicle was inspected, Wood said the woman honked to let her know that her car was ready to go.
"I passed. Thank goodness," Wood said on her TikTok video. "You know I probably wouldn't have passed if I'd stayed inside, you know, with my shirt on, what it looks like."
Wood told Insider that she didn't think what happened to her was a big deal until her father's reaction to the situation made her realize that the incident wasn't justified.
"I think it definitely illustrates a much bigger issue of sexism and misogyny and how we see women's bodies," said Wood. “It opened my eyes that when you are in a privileged place you feel a little removed from these problems, but when you face them you realize that we may not have made the progress we thought we were , we would have it. "
Following the incident, Wood said she reached out to the Lakewood MVC Inspection Station to see if there was indeed a dress code and to speak to someone about what happened. She posted a recording of her call to TikTok on July 21st.
According to the video, an agent told Wood that the car control station "has no particular dress code."
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"I recorded it because people at TikTok wanted to know the results, but that was before the videos really went viral," said Wood. "I feel like the case is now closed and I still feel good."
She added, "I felt very validated and I felt good. I trusted that she would deal with what she says. I was hoping that it might come to something and that this woman wouldn't do that to anyone. "
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