ABC Exec Denies Claim That Clare Crawley Wasn't Told About Matt James Being 'Bachelor'

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ABC's managing director Rob Mills contested claims that Clare Crawley had not been informed of Matt James's cast as a bachelor.
Reminder: Matt was originally cast as a candidate for Clares' upcoming season from The Bachelorette.
Matt James was just cast as ABC's first Black Bachelor, a moment that is making history and shortly after the franchise gets a lot of legitimate backlashes for its lack of diversity both on the show and behind the scenes.
Matt was originally scheduled to appear in Clare Crawley's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, and a source (Clare that you?) Recently told us Weekly that no one on the show told her he would be competing for her heart anymore.
"Until the GMA's announcement, Clare didn't know Matt would become a bachelor," the source said. "Decisions are still made when it comes to their cast."
Yes, apparently that's not the case. ABC's Vice President of Alternative Programming, Rob Mills, told Ryan Seacrest that Clare was 100 percent informed about Matt's casting prior to Good Morning America, saying, “Somebody told us weekly that she didn't know. that she found out on GMA. Of course we would never do that to Clare. She found out the day before. "He added:" Look. We wanted to keep this under wraps. We wanted to control the announcement and not let it expire, but of course Clare was told that beforehand. "
As a reminder, Clare inexplicably and roughly called on Matt to join cameo and interview magazines, although he was literally just trying to raise money and promote his charity.
Clare Crawley

Respect the opportunity you have been given. Follow the rules. Respect me @ BacheloretteABC
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Clare Crawley

If you're doing interviews and creating cameo accounts before you're even in my season ... you're in for the wrong reasons ... #dontwasteyourtime
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Aside from the uncomfortable Clare drama, bachelor producers have viewed Matt as the lead actor for months. "Matt has been on our radar since February, when Clare's producers first contacted him to join Bachelor Nation," said ABC President Karey Burke in a statement. "When the shoot couldn't go ahead as planned, we had time to meet Matt and everyone agreed that he would do a perfect bachelor's degree."
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