ABC Exec Rob Mills Claims Matt James Wasn't Cast in Response to Diversity Issues on 'The Bachelor'

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By Cosmopolitan
Matt James was the first Black Bachelor to be cast.
Rob Mills, managing director of ABC, claims that Matt's casting has nothing to do with people in the bachelor franchise who criticized the apparent lack of variety on the show.
Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is happy for Matt, but says that obviously more work needs to be done behind the scenes.
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Welp, it took a whole petition and a lot of complaints about the bachelor and the apparent lack of diversity in the bachelorette to see a change, but here we are! It's official: Matt James - also known as Tyler Cameron's bestie and Clare Crawley's former bachelorette candidate - will be the star of bachelor season 25 Rob Mills is out here, claiming that Matt's casting has nothing to do with the show's diversity issues had to do.
"It wasn't an answer to that. We could have made this announcement sooner or later," Rob told Variety. "Surely no one is blind to what's going on in the world. Hopefully this announcement is a bit optimistic at a time when we can really use it, but I don't want it to look like we're patting ourselves. " the back or a victory lap. "
Let's face it, Matt's casting won't fix everything. Rob also believes the franchise has a lot of room for improvement. "Everyone agrees that we can do better and we will work on it," added Rob. "I think some progress has been made - small and maybe not enough, but there has been an obligation and it will continue."
While Matt's appearance on Good Morning America after the news was released, he said the bachelor franchise was on the right track to make important changes. "I think it's a step in the right direction. When Rachel [Lindsay] speaks, we listen," said James, referring to Rachel's recent comments on the lack of diversity in the franchise. "She has a very important voice in all of this, she is the first black woman, a colored person to play a leading role and ... hopefully this is the first of many black men who are in the position in which I am I'm right now. "
And while Rachel is a little happy that Matt was hired as the next bachelor, she doesn't want it to end there. "I want color producers," she said at Good Morning America. "I want them to occupy leads who are interested in dating outside of their race and who are not just collecting their first experience - for the first time - on national television. I need confirmation of plaster about the situation and just saying: "Here, we're going to put this here. Are you happy now?" "
Of course there is still a lot to do in the Bachelor franchise, but Matt's casting is a good start.
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