Activist Oluwatoyin Salau Death Investigation: Man Confesses to Rape, Killing

After the death of 19-year-old Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin Salau, more details are known about who allegedly killed her and how.
On June 15, Tallahassee police confirmed in a press release that the two bodies found on June 13 were identified as Salau and 74-year-old Victoria Sims. Aaron Glee Jr., 49, was identified as a suspect in the case and, according to the press release, was detained.
After an affidavit filed on June 19, issued by E! News, the remains of Salau, whose name was edited in the document but identified as a 19-year-old, was found in a wooded area next to Glee's home. "It was found that the [edited] body was intentionally covered with leaves and other vegetation," the affidavit says. "It would be determined that [edited] was the victim of a murder."
The affidavit further stated that Glee had bought a bus ticket about two hours before the discovery of the Sims and Salau bodies and the journey from Tallahassee to West Palm Beach. He was arrested by the Orlando Police Department at a greyhound bus station on early June 14. A possible affidavit regarding Sims' death revealed that Glee had "suspected blood stain on his pants" when he was "intercepted" in Orlando.
The affidavit states that Glee then complained of breathing difficulties and was taken to a nearby hospital where he "voluntarily admitted to the officers who guarded him that he had murdered two women in Tallahassee," the affidavit said Explanation. "He would also make a call to his mother and take the same pictures. These pictures were videotaped using cameras worn on the body."
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Glee was also interviewed by investigators from the Tallahassee Police Department in Orlando, during which he decided to waive his fifth amendment rights, the affidavit said.
In the interview, Glee said, according to the records, that on June 6, Salau got out of an incoming bus at the stop where he was, and they sat and talked at a bus stop.
"He stated that she had informed him that she had recently been sexually assaulted and had no permanent shelter. Glee said that [edited] agreed to accompany him to his resident, where she could bathe and sleep," it says in the affidavit.
According to the document, Glee called Sims and she picked her up in her car and took her to his apartment. After Salau showered, "Glee tried to engage her in sexual activity," the affidavit says. "He stated that she physically opposed him and bit him on his right forearm during the fight ... Glee said that he [edited] overwhelmed and forced intercourse between her penis and vagina. He was asked if he would characterize his acts as rape. Glee answered affirmatively. "
According to the affidavit, "Glee Salau" locked "three to five days" in the residence. The affidavit states: "He was not sure exactly how much time had passed and indicated that he was heavily under the influence of alcohol during this period. Glee indicated that he had repeatedly committed (edited) exactly the same way like ledges. " got discovered. "
Sim's body was found in an affidavit in a bedroom at Glee's home, with her arms and feet "tied behind her".
"Glee said that he would release [edit] at different times and allow her to eat, bathe, and move freely," the affidavit says. "He would also admit to having sexually assaulted her several times during these three to five days. Glee indicated that he was aware that he would be arrested and likely sentenced to prison if he allowed the residence to be edited Glee indicated that he was determined that his only course of action was to end her life, Glee stated that he had again handcuffed her hands and feet in the same way, then made a separate bond around her neck and tied her to the ties on her hands and feet. Glee then left her in the northwest bedroom of the residence. "
"Glee stated that he was aware that the pressure that the bond around the [edited] neck exerts would cause her to die of suffocation," the affidavit continues. "Glee explained how he would enter the bedroom several times over the course of several hours to see if [edited] was still alive. In the end, he entered the bedroom and found that [edited] had passed away."
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According to an affidavit, Salau's body stayed "up to two days in the residence" before Glee moved her to the forest area, where the authorities found her on June 13.
Glee was charged with first degree murder, kidnapping with the intention of terrorizing, and sex battery in Salau's case. He was charged with kidnapping for terrorist attacks and murder of murder crimes in Sims' case.
Glee's lawyer Mauricio Padilla said E! News: "I submitted my notice and on my client's behalf I pleaded guilty to a jury request and discovery. Due to the pandemic, I have limited communication with my client." "" Glee's indictment, which will be personal due to the nature of the allegations, is planned for the next few weeks.
- Additional reporting from Jessica Finn

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