Adam Kinzinger Responds To Mocking From Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingraham Over January 6 Hearing: “A Very Cold Hearted Thing”

One of the standout moments of the first session of the special committee on January 6th was when Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) fought back tears when he turned to the four witnesses, police officers, who defeated the Capitol from Donald Trump's rioters defended.
But hours after the moment, along with questioning the officials themselves, he was mocked by two of Fox News' star presenters, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.
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In CNN's The Situation Room, presenter Wolf Blitzer asked Kinzinger for the comments.
"I don't think this personality on this TV show has ever served in uniform in his life," said Kinzinger. “I would say it's a very cold hearted thing. Or it's just about expanding your cold-hearted personality for reviews. "
Blitzer later pointed out that his question related to Ingraham, though both she and Carlson targeted Kinzinger, one of two Republicans on the committee.
Fox News conducted the hearing earlier in the day, and afterward, moderator Bret Baier said of the police officer's statement, "You can't see that statement and say it's no big deal."
But seven hours later, when the network picked up its prime-time opinion leaders, Carlson and Ingraham investigated the officials' testimony themselves.
Among other things, Carlson played a clip by Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, which testified that he "had the psychological trauma and the emotional fear of having survived such a terrible event".
Then Carlson laughed and said, “Well, so as not to downplay the crimes that were committed on January 6th, and crimes were committed on January 6th, but compared to what? It is interesting that in the time he spent last year Michael Fanone made no mention of having experienced trauma, “which relates to the riots in D.C. related to the murder of George Floyd.
In his testimony, Fanone described how he was beaten on the Capitol's Lower West Terrace when rioters yelled at him, “Get his gun! Kill him with his own gun! ”He said he was“ electrocuted over and over again ”with a taser. "I thought I was going to be torn up or shot with my own gun," he told the committee.
In the meantime, Ingraham awarded prizes for “best performance” and accused the officers of exaggeration or partisan play.
Her comment sparked attacks from numbers from CNN and MSNBC on Wednesday morning. Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough didn't mention the names of the Fox News characters, but it was clear he was talking about the Carlson and Ingraham segments as well as the other media characters on the right. “It's a shame on America. It's a shame to the networks they belong to. It is a shame for all of us that such people deride the service of the Men in Blue who protected us in the midst of a constitutional crisis. "
Fanone told CNN that “What worries me is the fact that these entertainers have an audience, and that audience is taking their words and the rhetoric that they are using not just for entertainment. You think it's real, and that thought process has real life ramifications. We saw that on January 6th. "
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