Adam Schiff says appointing Kevin McCarthy to the House speaker role would be like appointing Donald Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) speaks at a press conference on September 21, 2021. Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images
Adam Schiff warns against appointing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives.
If the Republicans recapture Congress next year, McCarthy could replace spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi.
"If Kevin McCarthy was ever to become a spokesperson, Donald Trump would essentially be a spokesperson," Schiff said.
Rep. Adam Schiff speaks out against the possibility of House minority leader Kevin McCarthy taking on the role of House Speaker.
If the Republicans recapture Congress in the upcoming midterm elections next year, McCarthy could replace current spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi in that role.
"If Kevin McCarthy were ever to become a spokesperson, Donald Trump would essentially be a spokesperson," Schiff said, according to the Associated Press.
This is not the first time Schiff has criticized McCarthy, a Republican who represents California's 23rd district.
In an interview with CNN Tuesday, he blew up dozen of Republican lawmakers, including McCarthy, who clung to and amplified Trump's misinformation about the 2020 election. He also criticized Republican lawmakers for questioning the January 6 election results.
“What annoyed me most that day, I think, were those insurgents in suits and ties who, even after the bloody uprising, even after the broken glass and death that day, were still back on the floor of the house were trying to overturn the election, "said Schiff's John Berman of CNN.
"Unlike the people who climbed in front of the building, they knew it was a lie," he added. "The real believers were out there attacking the building. But in the Chamber my Republican colleagues know it's a big lie."
Trump and GOP allies had made a baseless argument for months after the November 2020 elections that the results had been tampered with because of widespread voter fraud. State and federal officials have debunked the allegations several times.
But nearly 150 Republican lawmakers, including McCarthy, voted against certifying current President Joe Biden in January, sparking backlash from big business and Democrats.
Schiff continued to speak out against Trump even after the former president left in January.
He told Insider earlier this week that Russian President Vladimir Putin "figured out how to play Trump like a violin very easily".
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