Addison Rae appears to break down in tears after cheating confrontation: 'Completely different person'

cheating bryce hall addison rae
Addison Rae and Bryce Hall are TikTok's best couple, and it looks like they're headed back out on.
It was a turbulent week that began on February 28th when both halves of the power couple were spotted at different tables in the same restaurant. This led to allegations that the relationship is fake, which is not new to this couple.
Is Addison Rae and Bryce Hall's relationship wrong?
Celebrity gossip account @deuxmoi shared an alleged observation of Hall and Rae from a viewer.
Photo credit: Instagram / @ deuxmoi
"The paparazzi asked her if she was mad that he was dining with Tana [Mongeau] lol," the tipster wrote according to the screenshot. "She didn't answer."
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Another anonymous source told @deuxmoi they thought "Bryce and Addison are pure PR."
"I watched them coordinate when they got up to go to the bathroom so the paparazzi could get a clear picture of them," the source wrote. "He acted like a completely different person when she wasn't there."
Hall snapped at paparazzi when they asked him to comment on his dinner with Mongeau, but they refused to give in.
Is Bryce Hall cheating on Addison Rae with Dana Wolf?
On March 1, drama YouTuber Keemstar claimed to have evidence that Hall cheated on Rae with a woman named Dana Wolf during a trip to Las Vegas.
Hall responded to the rumors with a tweet.
Is Bryce Hall cheating on Addison Rae with Saviantha?
There were also rumors that Hall cheated on Rae in Las Vegas with an influencer named Saiviantha. She approached them on March 2nd.
She said they attended the same event but Hall spoke to Rae most of the time and nothing happened between them.
When paparazzi confronted Rae over these allegations, she bowed her head, put her palm over her face, and appeared to be crying.
"Will TikTok ever be the same if there isn't a Braddison?" the paparazzo asked before getting into her pink Tesla.
On March 3, Rae took to Instagram to ask about privacy.
"Sharing my life with you makes me happy, but some things I do offline," she wrote. "When and when I want to share, I'll make that decision."
If you know these two, you probably won't be silent for long.
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If you found this story interesting, check out Bryce Hall and Addison Rae's full relationship timeline.
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Addison Rae post appears to be in tears after Bryce Hall scam rumors first surfaced in In The Know.
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