Adorable cat will rest his head on anything you put in front of him

There is probably not a single cat owner who does not think his cat is strange.
Pons Tagebuch is a YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to documenting the life of his subject Pon, a Scottish fold cat. In Japanese, Pon means "full", a name that the cat deserves because its stomach is always slightly bloated.
Like most cats, Pon is adorable and rather strange. In one moment he walks in a swollen coat through the snow-covered back yard, in another, Pon literally rests his head on any object that lies under his chin.
Check out this Pon montage that absolutely melts when there is an object near its neck. Whether it's a bib, a spoon, a hand, or a pea, Pon is happy to rest his head on it. Although Pon’s pristine love for anything near his chin falls on the more extreme side of the spectrum, cats generally like a little love in the area.
Cats have fragrant glands under their chin that produce pheromones that mark the animal's territory. Your kitten will hit you and family members with objects so that they can be identified later. But scratching there also feels good for the cat. This is one of the few places that cats cannot reach if they clean their tongues. So petting the area can remind your cat to be cared for by her mother as a kitten.
While your cat may not be as enthusiastic about wearing a bib as Pon, a few rubs under the chin can still provide a nice bond experience.
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