After Breaking Her Femur, Brooke Shields Shares a Video of Her Learning to Walk Again

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Brooke Shields is on the mend after breaking her thigh.
The 55-year-old model and actress shared the news on Instagram, along with a video of her using crutches to try to walk.
Shields didn't say how she broke her bone. The drills typically take between four and six months to recover.
Brooke Shields is on the mend after breaking her thigh. The 55-year-old model and actress shared the news on Instagram, along with a video of her using crutches to try to walk. “I'm starting to get better. No matter what your challenge is, make a positive decision for yourself to move forward. #BeginningisNow, ”wrote Shields in the headline.
Your thigh bone is another name for your thigh bone. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), it is the longest and strongest bone in your body. The long, straight part of your femur is called the femoral shaft. Any time this part of your femur is interrupted, it is called a femoral shaft fracture.
The video shows Shields in a hospital gown and socks, walking slowly with crutches down what appears to be the hospital corridor. "There's only 20 percent weight," she said in the video about her leg. "The goal is to bend your knee a little each time just so you don't drag it or pull your hip up."
The comments on Shield's Instagram post were flooded with good wishes - along with questions about how exactly she broke her thigh. She has not yet offered any details.
However, since your femur is a strong bone, it will be difficult to break. In younger people, broken thigh bones are usually caused by a high-energy collision like a car or motorcycle accident, according to the AAOS. In older people with weaker bones, a fall from standing can lead to a femoral shaft fracture.
A broken or broken femur usually requires surgery, known as open internal fixation, to correct it, according to the US National Library of Medicine. During the surgery, the doctor uses metal devices called internal fixators to hold your bones in place. Most often, a surgeon will insert a rod or large nail in the center of the bone to support it until it heals. The surgeon can also place a plate next to the bone that is held in place with screws. Usually, the rods and plates used to heal your bone don't need to be removed during another operation.
Rehabilitation after a femoral break can take a long time - anywhere from four to six months, depending on how severe the fracture is and whether your nerves and blood vessels have been damaged. And sadly, this isn't the only leg problem Shields has struggled with in recent years: she also had a partial knee replacement in 2018. “I never thought I would have knee problems, and all I have is knee problems,” she told at the time. Prior to her surgery, Shields said that her knee function gradually deteriorated over the years.
Fortunately, after her partial knee replacement, Shields found a new appreciation for fitness - and she looks pretty motivated to go running again in the video. "I've been beating up my body for so many decades and it's gotten so much older than my chronological age," Shields told InStyle in May 2020. I realized what I am really capable of. "
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