After Police Escorted Her Off Alaska Airlines Because Of Her Outfit, This Woman Is Calling For The Treatment Of Plus-Size Bodies To Change

When saloon owner Ray Lin Howard boarded a flight from Seattle to Fairbanks, Alaska with her family, she said no security officer, TSA agent, or flight attendant had commented on how she looked, but had a conversation about after about an hour in the air Your body would lead to police intervention.
During her flight, Ray Lin told BuzzFeed that she suffered from motion sickness and, knowing she was wearing a sports bra underneath, took off her crop top - which would cause problems later.
"Five minutes later I was approached by the first flight attendant and told that I had to put on a shirt and that only the sports bra alone was inappropriate," she said. "[I put] the shirt back on and it stayed for the rest of the flight ... but I was approached again - again about my outfit - [by a flight attendant] said that my stomach was showing and that diaphragms shouldn't be on flights from." Alaska Airlines will be shown. "
According to their website, Alaska Airlines' dress code is defined as "casual".
“The prerequisite is simply a well-groomed and well-groomed appearance,” it says in politics. "Soiled or tattered clothing and bare feet are never acceptable. Good judgment is expected from you, but customer service representatives have the ultimate power to refuse travel for inappropriate clothing or appearance."
When Ray Lin challenged her claim by asking for a copy of the dress code, she said she informed her on Google. Things then escalated when the planes were asked to remain seated on landing while several officers boarded and escorted Ray Lin from their seat to a private room.
The @Alaska Airlines flight attendant harassed me and called airport police about my inappropriate outfit. #bbw #plussize #plussizeedition #bbws #fyp
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"You are not in criminal trouble, there is no such thing," a police officer can be heard say in a now viral video that Ray Lin recorded in the room. “We're just trying to understand your side of the story compared to what they say. ... I know what you're saying, but they have the guidelines and the things to follow. ... We're just trying to investigate and see if any crimes have occurred, [and] of what I'm collecting there weren't any. "
TikTok: @fattrophywife / Via
Towards the end of the video, which was cropped to accommodate TikTok's time constraint, viewers can hear the officer hinting at being warned by flight attendants that someone on the flight refused to put on their clothes - what Ray Lin confirms you. "I was so mad afterward because I knew exactly what was being said and I knew it was a lie."
TikTok: @fattrophywife / Via
When a representative contacted Alaska Airlines about the incident, he told BuzzFeed, “We're in touch with the guest. We are determined to find out what happened and to take the appropriate action our guests. If we don't live up to that goal, we'll do everything we can to get it right. "
After the ordeal, Ray Lin said she had her family's tickets refunded and offered a discount code for future trips. After posting an update on her history - including the airline's deals - a representative called her and offered more free flights.
Icon Sportswire / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
"I didn't accept anything from them," said the 33-year-old. "Some free flights and a discount code are a slap in the face for what they did to me in front of my family and my 6-year-old. You can't do that to people and then cover it up with free flights. Absolutely not."
"I think they didn't like to see a fat person dressed for who I am - I was kind of a bitch at the same time who was ashamed and fat ashamed," she continued. "It's crazy trying to tell people that abs are against the dress code when it's not."
Almost 27,000 people commented on Ray Lin's original post, and many expressed dislike for the situation given their own experiences successfully flown with a crop top or sports bra.
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