'AGT' contestant who quit due to cancer makes first appearance since devastating update

Former America's Got Talent contestant Jane Marczewski, aka Nightbirde, a 30-year-old singer-songwriter and three-time cancer survivor, performed on Cuomo Prime Time on Wednesday. It was her first public appearance since she announced on Instagram Monday that she was dropping out of the competition to focus on her fight against cancer after her health deteriorated.
"Well, to tell you the truth, I curled up in a ball like a cocktail shrimp and had an A plus pity party for myself because it was just a bad, bad month. It was really, pretty devastating, "Nightbirde told host Chris Cuomo.
The singer, whose future at AGT looked bright after moving Judge Simon Cowell to tears and earning his Golden Buzzer in June, shared how heartbreaking it was to leave the show early as she beautifully declared, "I am It was really hard for me to say that I couldn't finish the show. I received shocking news about cancer regrowth affecting my lungs and liver less than a week ago. So my liver is mostly cancer right now. Right now there is more cancer than liver in it. But as I said, I plan my future, not my legacy. Some people would call this blind denial. I prefer to call it rebellious hope. And at no point will I hear any soon. "
Nightbirde has not only captured the hearts of viewers all over the world with her beautiful voice, but also with all the beauty and grace that she radiates from within. And on Wednesday she also stole Cuomo's heart.
“Have you always been like this”, Cuomo asked after Nightbirde asked the question: “Don't you want to see what happens if you don't give up? Don't you wanna see what happens keep telling me, and tonight I tell everyone who is watching. Don't you want to see what happens if you don't give up? "
Whether or not she was always so wise beyond her years, Nightbirde replied: “I don't know for years, you find out what you are made of and you have the opportunity to choose what you want to be. So no, I don't think I was always like that. "
Cuomo asked Nightbirde if she ever asked "Why me?" When it comes to her fight against cancer, Nightbirde said eloquently, “I try not to concern myself with questions that are too big for me to answer. It is a waste of time the absence of any concern. Sometimes the mystery means that there is more meaning there than we can even understand, and so I accept that and let go of the questions because they are too heavy. "The CNN host was even more impressed than after each of the singer's answers he praised her for "rummaging through things" and "accepting things that would cripple the rest of us".
"Don't deny today's pain and don't deny tomorrow's hope," said Nightbirde. "And when you go through something that is so devastating, that makes no sense, there are no answers, somehow you have a choice, do I get bitter or not? Your choice you know You decide what will become of you in some ways, and you know, in my most painful moments, I decided to keep my eyes open because it's easier. It's easier to close your eyes and give up and forget about it, but there is so much beauty and poetry in the world when you are ready to recognize the pain it takes to be in the midst of something that hurts so much pretending to stay awake, that's all. "
Although she only has a two percent chance of survival, Nightbirde's endlessly positive outlook on life convinces anyone who listens to her that everything will be fine. And on Wednesday, the singer said that if she finally beats cancer, she would want to make the greatest record we have ever heard.
In response, Cuomo said to her, “Well, I'll tell you something, anyway we can help you know that we are a phone call away. Anything you ever want to play for people, I love to play it. As you know, that's not what my show is about, but you are worth a deviation because I believe that you are exactly what we need to be. We all need to get a little bit of "Nightbird" inside of us and remember how to live our lives. This is I think you taught me we need to remember how to live our lives. "
Cuomo Prime Time airs at 9 p.m. on weekdays. on CNN.
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