Aidy Bryant's Ted Cruz Makes 'SNL' Apology Scene With A Pina Colada And 'Britney Spears'

A number of well-known apologetic characters gathered on the fictional "Oops, You Did It Again" talk show hosted by Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman) at the cold opening of Saturday Night Live. Cue Aidy Bryant's Senator Ted Cruz hoists a pina colada, wears vacation cornrows and pulls a suitcase.
When asked if he had a tan (from his trip to Cancun on Wednesday), "Cruz" replied, "I just cried myself red over my Texans." He admitted that he was in a "piece of hot water" found - which "nobody in Texas has".
But Bryants Cruz denied he was a coward. "Would a coward have the cojones to attribute his actions to his young daughters?" he asked.
"Would you like to apologize?" asked Spears.
"Absolutely," he replied. "I deeply regret my actions over the past few days - mostly with United."
Pete Davidson emerged as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to face the music that reported inconsistencies in care home deaths from COVID-19. "I said I was sorry," remarked the sullen governor.
Nevertheless, "Cuomo" pointed out to "Cruz": "I am a man; you are a clown."
Cecily Strong played the acidic Gina Carano, who bounced off her role in "The Mandalorian" after her social media posts compared America's politics to Nazi Germany.
"Carano" said she wasn't there to apologize. But she admitted, "I would never have made this Nazi comparison if I had known everyone would be that Nazi."
Check out the video above.
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