Alaska resident shocks internet with overpriced grocery haul: 'This stresses me out'

If you were to spend $ 100 at the supermarket, what could you buy? At the very least, you'd probably go with basics like milk, eggs, cereal, and paper towels as well as fresh produce, some meat and fish, and half a liter of ice cream.
If you live in Alaska, you won't get far with $ 100. As it turns out, eating in Alaska is not cheap. According to one Alaskan resident, you often have to "pay 5 times as much for food as in the lower 48 states".
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To show residents of the bordering United States how outrageous prices are in Alaska, a TikTok user named Suzi decided to record her trip to the grocery store.
In the video, which has more than 259,000 likes, Suzi looks at everything from cleaning products to the product line, highlighting crazy prices.
Suzi would have to pay $ 19.29 for a 32-charge bottle of Tide, which costs $ 6.89 on the Target website. A $ 3 bottle of Suave Professionals shampoo is available for $ 7.95. A six pack of generic toilet paper costs $ 12.19. A 12-ounce bag of Starbucks coffee beans costs just under $ 15. And if you want some Clorox bleach, that's $ 30.
Of course, people were surprised to learn how expensive life in Alaska can be.
"I will never complain about prices again ... I'm so sorry," said one person.
"It is so stressful for me," added another user.
"It's just too much," commented a third person.
Many other Alaskans have found that larger cities like Anchorage are much cheaper, although this is the norm in rural, remote villages.
“She lives in a city that can only be reached by boat or plane. Prices are high in Alaska, but not as high in less rural areas, ”said one person.
“I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. The prices are not that high, ”said another user. "It is most likely in an area that is isolated and difficult to obtain."
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