Alec Baldwin to Interview Woody Allen on Instagram: ‘I Have Zero Interest in Anyone’s Judgments’

Alec Baldwin teased an upcoming interview he plans to do with Woody Allen on Instagram Live - and made it pretty clear the questions wouldn't be the hard-hitting variety.
Baldwin announced Tuesday's sit-down on his own Instagram over the weekend. He looked slightly disheveled and spoke hesitantly. It's also clear from his caption that the embattled "Rust" actor knew that being happy with his old friend would raise eyebrows online.
“Let me say upfront that I have NO INTEREST in the judgments and hypocritical posts of anyone here. I'm obviously someone who has my own beliefs and couldn't care less about the speculations of others. If you think a court case should be conducted in the form of an HBO documentary, that's your problem."
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Baldwin appeared to be referring to the HBO Max documentary Allen vs. Farrow, which highlights allegations that the Midnight in Paris filmmaker molested his young daughter. Baldwin faces his own firestorm after last year's filming on set, which left a cameraman dead and is still under investigation.
Baldwin played it coy at the beginning of his short video, revealing his interview topic by flashing Allen's book cover.
"Next Tuesday... the 28th. On the 28th I think. ... I'll be doing an Instagram Live with," he said, showing the book before whispering, "Woody Allen. who i love I love you buddy."
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