Alfalfa From ‘Little Rascals’ Arrested After Overdose Report

Actor Bug Hall, best known for playing Alfalfa in 1994's The Little Rascals, was arrested in Weatherford, Texas, on Saturday after police received a call for a possible overdose.
The police informed the TMZ that a family member from Hall had called and asked for a "status check" of the 35-year-old actor, who was reported to have stayed in a local hotel. The person who made the call noticed that Hall was snorting or inhaling something near a hotel's garbage container and feared that he might have overdosed, said a police spokesman.
Officers said when the actor opened the door, they noticed a large number of air dust cans, usually used to blow up debris from computer keyboards, throughout the room.
Hall, whose real name is Brandon Bug Hall-Barnett, admitted that he had inhaled from the cans, according to the TMZ report. Apparently he didn't need medical treatment.
According to Fox News, Hall has been accused of owning a crime to inhale or swallow a volatile chemical. He was released from Parker County Prison on Sunday after paying a $ 1,500 bail.
According to a 2015 peer-reviewed study documenting a man's recovery from a combination of frostbite and rapid swelling called angioedema, wagging life can lead to life-threatening injuries, including a quick compromise on the Respiratory tract.
Bug Hall, who played Alfalfa in 1994 in The Little Rascals, was arrested on June 20, 2020 in Weatherford, Texas, on charges of possession for inhalation or ingestion of a volatile chemical. (Photo: Weatherford Poice Department)
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