All new Jaguar XE now available with hybrid drivetrain

The next generation Jaguar XE has just been unveiled and is now available with the latest MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) technology for better and improved efficiency.
The new model has several drivetrain areas, starting with the aforementioned 200-hp MHEV 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel paired with an eight-speed automatic (available in RWD and AWD configurations), a 2.0-liter Four-cylinder turbo gasoline with 248 hp to an eight-speed automatic (also available in RWD and AWD configuration) and a 298 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic (only available in AWD configuration ).
Jaguar XE
The advanced new MHEV system uses a belt-integrated starter generator (BiSG) located in the engine compartment to generate energy that is normally lost during slowing down and braking. This is then stored in a 48-V lithium-ion battery, which is located under the rear cargo area of ​​the vehicle. The BiSG can use the stored energy again to give the engine a little boost when accelerating and to deliver a refined and more responsive stop / start system.
"The engine now has steel pistons, and the higher strength material enables a more compact design with lower friction and greater resistance to higher peak pressures," says Jaguar. "Their stronger construction allows for more complex and thorough integration of cooling channels for improved thermal management. At the same time, the rate of thermal expansion is closer to that of the iron cylinder liners for better clearance control, which both improves cooling and reduces friction for better efficiency. "
Jaguar XE
“The updated Jaguar XE offers a range of enhancements that make it an even better choice for buyers. The new MHEV diesel powertrain offers XE an electrified engine option for the first time, while offering improved efficiency while refining performance technologies like ours new Pivi Pro infotainment system and the latest in cabin air ionization technologies offer occupants greater connectivity, comfort and wellbeing for all, "said Colin Kirkpatrick, Chief Product Engineer of the Jaguar XE
Customers who prefer gasoline engines can choose between the 248 hp or 298 hp version of the Ingenium 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which will be available from model year 2020 and generate a torque of 365 Nm or 400 Nm. Both variants have the latest engine technologies, including a twin-scroll turbocharger and a CVVL (Continuous Variable Valve Lift) for a successful combination of pure performance and refined efficiency.
The XE features Jaguar's latest Pivi Pro infotainment system, accessed through the seamlessly integrated massive 10-inch touchscreen. The lower 5.5-inch touchscreen (also equipped with the new Pivi technology) combines two multifunctional LED rotary controls for intuitive operation of important vehicle functions such as climate control and seat settings.
So that drivers can easily access important information, the interactive 12.3-inch HD driver display has improved graphics and a configurable layout that now has full-screen navigation mapping with turn-by-turn instructions, digital dials, media, contact lists or can display infotainment details. This fully digital instrument cluster also works in conjunction with the latest head-up display technology, giving XE drivers all the information they need without distraction.
Jaguar XE
The intuitive new infotainment system offers Apple CarPlay connectivity as standard and enables customers to connect two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth. Android Auto and Baidu CarLife are also available as standard, depending on the market.
The Pivi Pro connectivity is provided by the embedded dual SIM function. Two LTE modems enable the system to perform several functions at the same time, e.g. B. Streaming media and downloading SOTA updates without affecting performance or causing delays. This level of connectivity also ensures minimal disruption caused by black spots when passing through network providers to connect to the strongest signal.
For more convenience, the second generation portable activity key can be used to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without the need for a traditional key fob. The rechargeable device contains a clock and has a battery life of seven days between charges. This is particularly useful when the driver goes out without the means to carry his car keys, e.g. B. jogging or swimming.
The 15W built-in wireless charger now features signal booster technology, although its availability is market dependent. The system uses an external antenna to improve the signal from the smartphone in the car.
Soft and authentic materials are retained in the cabin of the luxurious interior of the XE. From the dashboard overlay and console sides to the door armrests and the lower cab, everything is wrapped in soft, tactile materials for maximum comfort.
A new design with a split rim steering wheel underscores Jaguar's attention to detail in the cabin. Other design details include an embossed Jaguar Leaper on the headrests and a new quilt design that is available for the seating.
From the outside, the new XE has the same wide grille and bumper design, offering a more solid, stable appearance. According to Jaguar, the grille features a lattice-mesh design with a full, curved profile - a visual cue shared with its all-electric brother, the I-PACE - that highlights the musculature of the design.
The rear end of the car provides strong graphics and gives the impression of greater visual breadth for a planted look, while also helping aerodynamic performance.
All XE models are available with the extended Black Exterior Package, which features bespoke elements in glossy black for a darkened, more stealthy appearance. These include the grille grille, grille trim, lower air intake trim, side vents, window trim and the new exterior badge for 21MY.
The Jaguar XE starts at PHP 4.39 million in the Philippines, although it is not yet certain when the country will receive the all-new XE model.
Photo (s) of Jaguar
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