All of a sudden, 65% of US colleges are preparing for in-person classes this fall

A man walks an empty campus green at Georgetown University on April 3, 2020. Georgetown plans to try a hybrid model of personal and distant classes in the fall.
Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
The Chronicle of Higher Education has tracked over 1,000 colleges' plans to reopen in the fall due to concerns about the corona virus and found that around 65% of colleges are planning personal classes in August.
It was also found that only 8% of the colleges plan to remain remote, including Harvard University.
16% of schools now plan to implement a hybrid model that combines both personal and distance learning, including Georgetown University and Northwestern University.
With an overwhelming number of universities announcing plans to return to campus, students say they are ready to come back.
A recent poll conducted by Core Spaces among US college students found that 90% of respondents wanted to return to campus this fall. Almost 73% said they would like to return to school even if online classes continued.
Business Insider reports have also found that moving to distant classes could fail the conventional business model of American colleges.
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