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GRAND HAVEN -- A woman arrested in the Grand Haven area last week for allegedly stealing a car and credit cards from Leisure Estates in Holland Township has been sentenced to nine months in jail in another incident that took place earlier this year sentenced.
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Alyssa Aplin, 25, of Holland, was convicted of stealing and resisting a police officer in another incident in Holland Township.
"Unfortunately, she has relapsed pending sentencing," attorney Horia Neagos said of his client Monday, Nov. 28, in Ottawa Circuit Court.
Alyssa Apline
Last week, while awaiting sentencing, Aplin was caught with a stolen vehicle and stolen credit cards in Grand Haven Township. She fled from police officers in the vehicle and hit a curb, then scaled a 15-foot stack of boxes and refused to come down while threatening police.
Aplin was indicted on new charges the following day.
"I accept full responsibility and should have listened to my attorney," Aplin told Judge Jon Hulsing. “I feel very down about it, but I now realize that I need help. I am willing to accept any help I can get.”
With tears, Aplin Hulsing said her children had been taken away from her by the youth welfare office about a year ago. The judge found that she had not taken advantage of the community services offered to help her get back on track and that she had previously cut a court-ordered leash.
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"You really aren't ready for parole," the judge told her. "My goal is not to punish you, even though it may seem like it. They need the support of Community Mental Health. I'll let you sit for a while."
Aplin was sentenced to nine months in Ottawa County Jail. Her next court date is for a Probability Conference on the new charges on Thursday December 1st.
She was charged with possession of methamphetamine, obtaining and concealing stolen property, theft of a financial transaction device, habitual offender - third felony notice and two counts of assault and resisting a police officer.
"Don't beat yourself up now," Hulsing encouraged Aplin. "Edit the program as best you can to be in a good position when you exit."
This article originally appeared on The Holland Sentinel: Alleged car thief at sentencing: 'I should have listened to my lawyer'

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