Allison Janney Opens Up About Why She Never Married Or Had Kids

Allison Janney spoke on Tuesday in an open interview on The Drew Barrymore Show about her status as a happily single woman.
Barrymore, who said she was also single, asked Janney, "You announced to the world that you didn't want to get married or have children - is that the truth?"
"Yes," replied 61-year-old Janney. "I think if I had found the right man who wanted kids at the right time, I would probably have the right partner because I was never really confident that I wanted to have kids."
"I'd rather regret not having children than having children, and regret it," said the "Mom" actor, who was previously engaged to actor Richard Jenik, with a laugh. "You know, I am fine with that."
“I am really at this time in my life and learn who I am and what I want. I would love to find - eventually find - someone to share my life with, but if it doesn't happen, I'll be fine. But it would be nice, ”added the actor.
"Do you just know what I'm doing? I'm practically together. My last crush is Rip on Yellowstone," Janney explained.
For her part, Barrymore said she had no new crush on TV stars these days because she spends her time watching "disturbing documentaries" - although she did mention trying on dating apps that she had previously talked about.
“I finally booked a date with a man. And then he got me up exactly when we were supposed to meet, ”Barrymore told comedian Nikki Glaser in January. "And I thought," Can't you be an idiot an hour ago? That would have saved so much time. "
While acknowledging that standing up is an unfortunate side effect of all online dating, the actress said she "felt so stupid".
When Glaser tried to say that the man in question, who canceled, may have just been intimidated by Barrymore's star power, the actor was quick to correct that narrative.
"No - I think he's just a rude person who has reasons that are perfectly fine with him but gets them wrong," she said. “Fuck Nikki, we have to face the facts. It can be personal, it can't be - whatever. Let's not fool ourselves in the middle of all this. "
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