Alvin Kamara on possible fine for cleats: The Grinch always tries to steal Christmas

The Saints who ran Alvin Kamara back caused a lot of buzz on social media long before the first of his six touchdowns on Friday.
Kamara wore Christmas studs - one was red and one was green - that attracted many admirers as people settled down for the afternoon game against the Vikings. He's had plenty of time to show them off while setting the NFL record for touchdowns in one game, and it's a good bet the league office would notice the shoes.
Kamara's boots weren't in the team colors and that has resulted in fines for players in the past. After the 52-33 win was in the books, Kamara was asked about this possibility.
"If they punish me, I'll just bring it together and send it to charity. The Grinch is always trying to steal Christmas," Kamara said of's Amie Just.
Kamara also started a career high of 155 rushing yards, so he may find a fine and small prize for what the shoes helped him pull off on Friday.
Alvin Kamara on Possible Fine for Stollen: The Grinch Always Tries To Steal Christmas, which originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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