Alyson Hannigan Reveals Her Thoughts on a How I Met Your Mother Reunion

Don't make a slap bet about seeing how I met your mother again.
On Thursday, the brand new Daily Pop on October 8th, Carissa Culiner from E! Alyson Hannigan and discussed the popular sitcom after her 15th birthday. Alyson, who played Lily Aldrin alongside Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris, said her memories of HIMYM included "a wonderful montage of just happy memories and giggles and laughs and lots of funny puns".
As she walked down the memory lane, Alyson revealed her thoughts on a possible HIMYM reunion. Although Alyson said she was "100 percent ready," she explained why a reunion is unlikely.
"To be honest, when I read the last episode script I was kind of sad because I felt like there was no chance of seeing them again because they kind of gave away all the tickets," mused Alyson. "They kind of showed it all. I said, 'Wait guys, now we can't see you again because you're telling the future and telling the stories of what we're all going to do.'"
How I met your mother Unanswered questions
Apparently the HIMYM team was joking about “vacation specials” and even Jason “had a lot of great ideas” but nothing came true.
She added, "Of course we haven't done any, but I would be ready for it."
Alyson Hannigan, Daily Pop
Since HIMYM ended in 2014, Alyson has been involved in a wide variety of projects. Currently, the star Buffy the Vampire Slayer is hosting Food Network's Outrageous Pumpkins. Prior to this hosting gig, Alyson also hosted the Girl Scout Cookie Championship on the Food Network.
Carissa asked if the longtime actress would ever compete herself.
Alyson quipped, "I doubt it because it's taking me so long that I would collapse under the pressure."
Outrageous Pumpkins airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. in the Food Network.
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