Alyssa Milano Hauling Around Her Huge 9-Year-Old is So Many of Us Moms

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If there is a real catch in parenting, we love to watch our children grow up to be independent, creative personalities that only belong to themselves - and yet we want them to stay small and cozy forever. Or maybe it's just me? Well, it's clear that I have at least Alyssa Milano with me on Team Parenting Nostalgia because the actor just posted a photo of her carrying her rather huge 9-year-old man around. Because, as I said, cuddles.
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"I can still hold it," Milano wrote in the caption that accompanies the photo of her carrying son Milo Thomas Bugliari, who will be 9 this summer. "I'm afraid I can't remember the last time I held it. Every now and then I hold it and try to remember the day and time just in case it is the last one. I wish I remembered the last time I nursed him, but one day he weaned himself from the clear blue sky. ”
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Girl, you and me both. It is a feeling that many parents can identify with - wanting to mark every first / last / important moment, but also recognizing that the best thing we can do as parents is to be fully present at those moments be without even marking them.
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Sie MedienblogHer Health Alumna Milano has long been one of our most popular feminist mothers, and it is clear that she communicates values ​​such as community, advocacy and more to her children.
"I am raising [my children] to know that there is no other way [than to contribute to society]," she said to the parents. “To be a productive member of society, you have to help and give something back. I tell them that we are very blessed and there are people in this world who do not. So we have to share our blessings with these people. It's not a choice ... We can't just wake up and expect a teenager to take care of it. We have to convey these values ​​from an early age. "
A mother who teaches her children about community, care and cuddling? Sounds like Milano wins parenting in our book.
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