Amanda Kloots relives Nick Cordero’s death in new book: ‘I couldn’t even see the keyboard’ through tears

Amanda Kloots wrote the book "Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero" with her sister Anna.
Even a year after the trauma, Amanda Kloots says her grief has no schedule.
"It does not choose a day or time. It comes in a wave and falls over you and then disappears again immediately," said the fitness entrepreneur and talk show host in the video chat. "It's still that emotional roller coaster ride, never really knowing how to mend the hole that's now a part of your heart."
But just two weeks after her husband Nick Cordero died of severe COVID-19 complications, Kloots says she did one of the best things after a traumatic experience, according to her friend, who is a therapist. She began to write it down and started the beginnings of her book "Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero" (Harper, 336 pages, out Tuesday).
"It was the first time I admitted what happened," said Kloots. “When Nick died, it felt like the hospital just wouldn't let me go to him anymore. I was caught up in this pattern again, that it was still there. "
From late March until his death on July 5, 2020, people around the world gathered behind Cordero and regularly tuned in to Kloots' Instagram, where she gave emotional updates on his recovery. The Tony nominee actor had multiple complications during his 13 weeks at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, including a leg amputation, lung infections and the insertion of a temporary pacemaker.
Amanda Kloots with husband Nick Cordero and son Elvis.
Broadway star Nick Cordero dies aged 41 after Mrs Amanda Kloots highlighted the fight against the coronavirus
But in Kloots' book, her husband's supporters will finally get the full story, she says - including details too difficult to share publicly at the time.
"Nick's actual death is something I've never talked about on Instagram," she says. "I was just sobbing so hard that I couldn't even see the keyboard. It was like trying to type in a waterfall."
Kloots did not alone take on the emotional task of writing this book. She had the help of her sister and co-author Anna.
Amanda Kloots holds husband Nick Cordero's hand in the hospital. He died of severe COVID-19 complications on July 5, 2020.
Amanda Kloots and her sister Amy Kloots wrote "Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero" together.
Although Kloots lives in Los Angeles and Anna in Paris, the nine-hour time difference came in handy. Before going to bed, Kloots turned the writing duties over to her sister, who was just starting her morning. They had a first draft ready in six months.
"I usually texted her and said, 'I was sobbing. I can't believe that happened,'" said Kloots. "And she wrote back: 'I cried myself to sleep too, Mandy.'"
Amanda Kloots talks about therapy and mourns Nick Cordero before appearing on "The Talk"
Anna flew to Los Angeles to be with Kloots at the end of the year when they finished the heartbreaking final chapters. During this time, Kloots made frequent guest appearances on "The Talk," while CBS executives considered making her a more permanent part of the show.
It was a "crazy time," said Kloots, but it's worth it. In January she officially appeared as the main host on "The Talk".
Amanda Kloots with husband Nick Cordero after giving birth to son Elvis.
Amanda Kloots with husband Nick Cordero and son Elvis.
"Looking back on those early cohosting days, I pretty much break down every time I'm on set," said Kloots with a laugh. “But, you know, that's me. And if you've followed this story, you know I'm not afraid to cry on social media or on national television. "
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