Amanda Kloots Visits Husband Nick Cordero For First Time Since Hospitalization

Amanda Kloots was able to hold husband Nick Cordero's hand for the first time since he was hospitalized with coronavirus in March.
In recent months, the personal trainer has been prevented from visiting the Broadway star at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, on Friday, the hospital eased its restrictions, allowing Amanda to see Nick in the flesh for the first time since he was admitted to the hospital 79 days ago.
She shared a touching picture of them holding hands, which they wrote with the lyrics to Andy Grammer's song "Don't Give Up On Me".
Earlier this week, she announced that her interactions with her husband were limited to FaceTime due to hospital policies. But Amanda said that she kept him informed of any changes that occurred when he was in a coma. "It's difficult when I speak to Nick to understand exactly what he understands," she said. "I told him about his leg, and I told him about the amazing prostheses that are available now, and I told him that he would be fine."
Stars with corona virus
Amanda said in her numerous updates that Nick's recovery was a series of ups and downs, with the Broadway star now 65 pounds lighter, his right leg amputated, and undergoing numerous procedures. Faced with these trauma, the actor has to undergo rehabilitation therapy for some time, with Amanda saying that she was told "every week in intensive care is one month in rehab".
Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero
However, Amanda remains confident that she, Nick and her son will be reunited in the near future. Two weeks ago, she wrote on Instagram: "I've been told a few times that he won't make it. I was told to say goodbye. I was told that it would take a miracle. Well, I have confidence."
Meanwhile, her friends and family continue to gather around her as they get used to their new normal. This month, they helped Amanda coordinate a socially distant birthday party for her 1-year-old son Elvis. "This kid! Why did he get 1 and immediately seemed older and wiser?" She wrote on Instagram at the time. "Nick and I used to say that he's an old soul. He makes me smile every day."

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