Amazon Prime Day 2020: These are the 9 hottest anticipated deals, according to shopping experts

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Experts predict the best deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020. (Photo: Amazon)
It's official: Amazon Prime Day 2020 starts on Tuesday, October 13th at midnight - and the offers will hit us quickly and furiously for two days. According to Digital Commerce 360, 175 million products were sold worldwide in just 48 hours on Prime Day last year, and sales of $ 7.16 billion were achieved.
"Amazon Prime Day is expected to be the fourth day of shopping in the fourth quarter. 67 percent of respondents plan to make a purchase during the savings event this year," Sara Skirboll, editor of shopping and trends at RetailMeNot, told Yahoo Life.
Skirboll predicts that Prime Day will even overshadow Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday - and since Prime Day usually takes place in July but has been postponed to October this year, Amazon is expected to pull out all the stops to keep the holiday contest with unreal ones Smash deals.
"The good news with Prime Day is that this will be kind of a prelude to the holiday shopping season," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at, told Yahoo Life.
The not so good news? Narrowing down your purchases from such a tempting selection requires serious self-control. Prime Day Strategy is a real thing folks! So read on before your shopping cart overflows.
We asked Skirboll and Ramhold about their best predictions for Prime Day 2020 - and the smartest results they suggest for buyers. Which offers usually offer the best bang for your buck? What is expected to sell out the fastest? And are there any things that you, a fool, should be without?
Here are the Prime Day goodies on their lists that shouldn't be missed.
Previous generation Amazon devices
Prime Day Previous Generation Amazon Kindle, Fire Tablets, and Echo Dot
“Historically, Prime Day brings the deepest discounts on electronics, especially on Amazon's own product line such as Amazon Kindle, Fire TV and Fire Tablets as well as Echo. In fact, electronics remain the most popular product on Prime Day, ”Skirboll says, adding that about 70 percent of consumers plan to buy them this year. So expect some electrifying Amazon device deals on Prime Day.
"Amazon has just announced its fourth generation of the Echo and Echo Dot, but these won't be released until late October and early November," says Ramhold. “We expect them to try to clear the inventory of the third generation versions. We've already seen two third generation [Echo Points] for $ 40 as an exclusive Early Prime Day deal. We expect more deals on Prime Day, and there's a slim chance we'll see a special offer for Prime members wanting to pre-order the fourth generation Echo or Echo Dot, but I wouldn't count on it. "
Fire TV and Fire Tablets
Prime Day Fire Stick and Fire Cube of the previous generation (Photo: Amazon)
We expect significant discounts on Fire TVs and Fire tablets for Prime Day 2020. “If you're in the market for a Fire tablet, Prime Day is the day to hit while the iron is hot. "Last year, a two-pack of the Fire 7-inch 9th generation tablets cost $ 50 - and $ 25 for a basic tablet is hard to beat," says Ramhold.
Previous generation smartphones
Previous generation Prime Day smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone 11
If you're longing for a new smartphone but don't need the latest version, Prime Day is your great opportunity. "You won't find any deals on the latest iPhone - if the iPhone 12 was even announced by then - but you could find solid deals on the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S10, and more," says Ramhold. "The discounts will be even higher - up to 40 percent - but these could be more mid-range devices than flagship-level phones."
Last year, for Prime Day 2019, Google Pixel phones were almost half the price, Samsung Galaxy phones were cut by $ 300, and discounts of up to $ 495 were available on iPhones. So if history is any clue, Ramhold's prediction will be spot on.
Kitchen appliances
Prime Day Instant Pot and Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker (Photo: Amazon)
"The home and garden category makes up 40 percent of the listings we'll see on Prime Day, and kitchenware will make up a decent proportion of that," says Ramhold. "For example, last year we saw items like a Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker for $ 18, a 45-piece flatware set for $ 21, and 100 plastic cups for $ 5."
One of the biggest stars of the past Prime Days was the Instant Pot, and we again expect massive offers for these popular multi-cookers for Prime Day 2020. “They usually come in a variety of sizes, but we tend to price as low as $ 40 to $ 50, depending on the model,” adds Ramhold. "We expect more of these promotions this year, even though Prime Day is later than normal."
Amazon Basics clothing and housewares
Prime Day Amazon Basics Clothing (Photo: Amazon)
“While buyers are mainly focused on household appliances, merchandise and household appliances, there have been offers in various beauty and fashion categories in the past. Shoppers can likely look forward to savings on fashion for the whole family, ”says Skirboll.
AmazonBasics is an in-house Amazon fashion brand that offers affordable, well-made clothing for women, men, and kids - and Ramhold is expecting big Prime Day deals for this label. "We expect a 30 percent discount on this line," she says, adding: "AmazonBasics also includes things like bedding sets, office supplies, silicone baking mats, backpacks - and that barely touches the surface."
cleaning supplies
Prime Day Lyol ​​and Purell
Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and other germ and virus-fighting products have been in high demand year-round, and experts expect Prime Day 2020 to offer discounts on these detergents in anticipation of demand - but you'll likely have to wake up early in the morning to ensure there are enough supplies to fulfill your order.
"Due to the pandemic and the fact that consumers remain cautious about ordering more accommodation, buyers will be looking for Covid items like cleaning products," says Skirboll. In fact, 25 percent of those surveyed by RetailMeNot said that they would like to make targeted savings.
That being said, the opposite could turn out to be the case. According to Skirboll, Amazon may not be reducing those shipments as much as we hope "if fulfillment centers are unable to meet the demand Prime Day could bring".
Protective clothing and protective equipment
Prime Day face masks and shields (Photo: Amazon)
According to RetailMeNot's survey of Prime Day shoppers, protective clothing and equipment are also high on the list of coveted items - 17 percent of respondents showed interest - so Amazon was able to get some great deals on face masks, face shields, latex gloves, and other Covid products -related wearables.
However, if you don't have the time to look at these offerings like a hawk, Ramhold recommends downloading the Amazon mobile app. "Mark any offers you're interested in as 'watching' so you'll get a notification when they go live," she suggests. “This is my personal favorite method, even as I look at the upcoming offers on my computer. When notifications get on my phone, I won't get locked to my computer on Prime Day. "
Home office supplies
Prime Day Home Office (Photo: Amazon)
Working from home has become a new reality for many Americans, so home office equipment sales have increased this year. According to experts, Amazon will likely introduce home office offers that match this trend behavior of consumers.
According to the RetailMeNot survey, 18 percent of respondents were interested in home office supplies. "However, since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been higher demand and a shortage of a number of products as buyers stayed at home," Skirboll notes. If you find these offers, don't hesitate to take advantage of them ASAP.
Fitness equipment for the home
Prime Day fitness equipment for the home (Photo: Amazon)
Similar to office closures, gym closures have rekindled interest in home exercise for fitness-minded Americans. About 16 percent of those surveyed by RetailMeNot said they would immediately take out Prime Day deals on home exercise equipment. But here, too, the same supply and demand for work-from-home and cleaning products apply. Only time will tell if home fitness equipment will be a standout product on Prime Day 2020.
When these offers present themselves, they will certainly be among the most sought-after. So train your click finger from now on to take advantage of the benefits. And if it's one of Amazon's short-lived Lightning deals - deals that only last a few hours on Prime Day - and you happen to miss it, don't despair. "Instead, see if you can join the waiting list for the article," suggests Ramhold. Often times, shoppers toss items into their shopping carts and then decide they don't want them at the checkout after all.
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