Amazon Shoppers Say This $12 Leave-In Conditioner Makes Hair Grow Like a Weed

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The adage “hair that grows like weeds” is the best PR weed ever got. Having hair that grows quickly is almost like a superpower releasing you from the bad haircuts or DIY color choices that people with hair that grows half an inch a month must suffer. Think of Shea Moisture's Jamaican castor oil for strengthening and restoring leave-in conditioner as a radioactive spider. With a single sip, buyers say the hair is growing like a supernatural entity or that some species is dead (in a good way).
From customer experience, it's definitely magical and works so well that it has received over 7,000 five-star reviews and 2,500 glowing reviews on Amazon. In terms of the rapid growth it enables, one shopper says his dry, super curly hair only grew an inch in four years. But after two months on the leave-in conditioner, she says she has already seen significant growth. And where normal hair growth averages about six inches per year, a person who started with a shaved head says they've seen about 30 inches in length in a year after using the leave-in conditioner.
They call it a "God Send," as did another shopper who raved in capital letters that "Jesus made this leave-in conditioner himself !!" The spiritual theme continues: Another commenter says, "Shea Moisture answered my prayers" and writes that prior to the arrival of the vacation, they looked at the nesting location of a rat for using bleach.
"If I didn't know better, the hair goddess would come and fix everything," they describe her banished frizz and revitalized hair texture. “In short, I bought a huge tub for my mom and me on Amazon, and we're both excited about this product. By far my favorite beauty find. "
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The Jamaican black castor oil at the core of the leave-in formula is a mainstay for people with natural curls who use castor oil on their edges to help moisturize fragile hair. Castor oil in general is one of the proven solutions for hair growth, even in difficult areas. Experts call it Rogaine for brows, and the same power is expressed in the leave-in conditioner that helps keep your hair elastic. This in turn reduces breakage and flaking.
And if you've danced with bleach and walked away with damaged, weak hair, 32 five-star reviews promise that this will breathe life into your strands and leave them stronger than ever. One shopper who says he has been bleaching his hair for a year and a half says the leave-in "works like a miracle," and now his hair is complimenting it. It even worked for someone who made the daring decision to bleach their hair themselves ... four times. You are an incredible optimist and you write: "I am so glad I fried my hair with bleach because if I hadn't done that I would never have discovered it."
With these reviews, it's undeniable that by letting it in, the hair grows faster, stronger, and softer than people would have thought possible. And with 47 five-star reviews from people talking about how well it works on their mixed, biracial hair texture, it's a safe bet for anyone whose fragile strands are in need of serious TLC. Or, as can be the case after bleaching, CPR from the hair goddess herself.

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