Amazon Shoppers Say This $4 Nail Treatment Makes ‘Paper Thin’ Nails Longer and Stronger

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Growing your nails comes with challenges. First, the time it takes for your nails to show a sizable chunk of white - especially if you're someone who has had a habit of nail biting in the past - can seem incredibly long. Once they grow a bit, one inevitably breaks and brings you back to the first place. But there's one product that Amazon shoppers say is actually easy to grow long, healthy nails - and best of all, it only costs $ 4.
Nail-Aid's (Buy It, $ 4, Keratin 3-Day Growth Formula continues like a polish and can be used as both a base and top coat as it dries with a clear, tough finish . The nail enhancer, which contains keratin amino acids and vitamin E, claims it can turn broken, brittle, and peeling fingernails into healthy, hard, and long fingernails in just three days - and Amazon buyers are being sold. (See also: This clear nail polish gives you a salon-worthy French manicure in seconds)
Over 8,400 customers have given the Nail-Aid product a five-star rating. Many reviewers specifically stated that it helped their nails recover from years of acrylic and gel. (See: How To Remove Gel Polish Without Damaging Your Nails)
"I bought this because I was fed up with the period between full sets of raw, peeling nails. I bought this in hopes of finally growing my own nails and switching to gel manicure," wrote one Buyers. "I'm writing this review on the third day and I can officially say that it works ... This goes on (and smells) more like clear nail polish, but I'll tell you ... three days later and I'm detailed about it Usually I need to me a month or two! "
Buy it: Nail-Aid Keratin 3 Day Growth, $ 4, $ 5,
Other clients add that the treatment helped prevent their nails from peeling and cracking. "I've had my nails done for years - without them they are paper-thin, tear off instantly and you can bend them all the way down. My nails look great now," wrote one reviewer. "I didn't believe the reviews as a skeptic because it was so bad and I thought I was a lost cause. I've had this stuff for a couple of weeks now and my nails are grown and as long as they're fake nails."
While the brand is announcing a three-day turnaround for results, it's important to be realistic. Most of the reviewers reported the most noticeable change in their nails after using Nail-Aids tonics for a few weeks, and it's a worthwhile wait. (Combine it with these other nail strengthening tips and you have lifelong strong nails.)
And for just $ 4 a bottle, Keratin 3 Day Growth from Nail-Aid is a purchase that comes at a very affordable price - especially when you consider the satisfaction of growing your nails out once and for all.
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