"America's Got Talent" Winner Grace VanderWaal Is Unrecognizable Now

Grace VanderWaal won over the American Got Talent judges in 2016 at the age of 12 with her unique voice, ukulele and adorable blonde bob. But now the 16-year-old singer has grown up and rocks a new, edgy look. This week she flaunted her style shift on social media, and fans are making a double attitude. Read on to see what VanderWaal is up to now, and for more transformations to get you in the vacation mood, read This is How All Home Alone Children Look Now.
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VanderWaal recently debuted on social media with her hair and bold makeup.
On December 20, VanderWaal shared a picture on Instagram with her shaved head and the geometric lines on her face, one above the bridge of her nose and the other above her eyebrows. Some fans speculated that they were tattoos. However, the next day VanderWaal shared a TikTok video and they appeared to be gone. But she added a dramatic element to her look by peeing her buzz cut pink. For more young stars with bold hairstyles, check out Victoria Beckham's son Just Shocked Her by revealing this on Instagram.
She shared a video earlier this month of her friend shaving her head.
Grace Vanderwaal shaves her head on Instagram
On December 4, VanderWaal invited fans to watch her style change and shared a video of a friend shaving her head with dog clippers. "I did it," she captioned the Instagram post.
Would you like to learn more about how VanderWaal has developed over the years? Read on to find out. And for another young star that's all grown up, check out This Is What The Actor who played Cindy Lou who looks now.
She took her big break from America's Got Talent four years ago.
perfectly imperfect grace Vanderwaal
VanderWaal performed at a young age and posted videos of her original music and cover songs on YouTube. The doe-eyed tween took its big break in 2016 when it made it into season 11 of America's Got Talent. Judge Howie Mandel pressed the golden buzzer for her. She delighted fans with her unique voice and superior stringing skills, and won first place. That same year she released the EP Perfectly Imperfect with Columbia Records, which included the hit she auditioned with, "I Don't Know My Name". For more successful reality show stars, see The 30 Most Successful Reality TV Personalities of the Last 30 Years.
When she was only 15, she opened for Florence and the Machine.
Grace Vanderwaal
VanderWaal ran on the steam of their big AGT victory and dropped their first album Just the Beginning in 2017. The album reached number 22 on the Billboard 200 music chart. She continued to release music over the next several years, releasing another EP in 2019, Letters Vol 1. That same year, she opened for Florence and Machine's High as Hope tour. Sign up for our daily newsletter to get more celebrity news straight to your inbox.
She was just making her big acting debut.
Star girl
VanderWaal proved she has more than just a beautiful voice when she played her first major role in the Disney + 2020 film Stargirl. She played the lead role, Stargirl Caraway, in the teen love story and also gave her voice to the film. "She brings us into the secret of her character with a lot of magnetism and sound authenticity," wrote Variety of VanderWaal's debut. "It's no surprise that the music-driven scenes really show their power." And for movies that didn't deserve such raves this year, check out the Worst Movie of 2020, according to critics.
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