America’s Problem May Be Vaccine Line Jumpers, Not Resisters

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When I saw Dr. Anthony Fauci rolled up the sleeve of his blue button, averted his eyes (not all of us) and got vaccinated with other health care workers, my first thought was: I'll have what he got. My Second: It's time to turn some of our worries about those who oppose the vaccine to those who are all too eager to get it, like me.
There are CDC guidelines that set priorities: frontline and nursing home workers, followed by key workers, the elderly, and down the line until you get to prisoners who have no prayer. States are taking over from there - do you remember how well that went for testing? - and their plans are vague. One state speaks of a “living document” (we can change it) about the development of public-private partnerships (companies, especially those with lobbyists, are also important people, my friend), about the stratification of groups (one insurance provider is just one Memo) to the file away from a postal worker) and to independent pharmacies (which serve concierge commerce that makes home calls for an additional $ 10,000 per year). Talk to doctors and regulators, and they will admit that this is largely an honor system.
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It's good. We're good people who wouldn't move properly in front of a hospital if it were right in front of us. But after that I was able to see, for example, the young and healthy Jared and Ivanka as early consumers. In his role as a failed real estate investor, Kushner had no qualms about invoking the CARES Act. Does anyone think that Javanka along with domestic workers and drivers will not jump over the line during the holidays to fly to a warmer place to swim or a colder place to ski?
Donald Trump's friends are doing what thousands don't - get out of the hospital
Photos of line jumpers have already set Twitter on fire. The pictures were of virus-skeptical Sens. Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Joni Ernst who were vaccinated under a continuity of government exemption but were nevertheless blown up due to general hypocrisy and cynicism - the less continuity of them the better. Ernst once suggested that the high number of coronavirus cases were from doctors who exaggerated infections in order to make more money. It didn't help that none of the newly vaccinated people backed just $ 600 for the losses suffered during the pandemic, until they feared the GOP would lose two Georgia runoffs without them.
After Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez posted her shot on Instagram, there was a rare case of internecine squad-on-squad wars in the house. Without naming the AOC, Rep. Ilhan Omar called it "shameful" that young, healthy lawmakers preceded those who risked their lives like any hospital worker, paramedic, police officer, firefighter, teacher, janitor, grocer and pharmacist.
We know how privileges work in this crisis after Rudy Giuliani boasted of the special treatment he received as a prominent friend of Donald Trump. At the first symptoms, he ended up in a tight hospital bed, which meant he could be treated with a monoclonal antibody that can only be given intravenously. At 76, Rudy, who had not missed a superspreader party, was up in three days.
This shouldn't happen to the vaccine, even though it already does. CNBC's Robert Frank reported that the same concierge doctors of the rich who had access to tests no one else could get are now "working their connections to see how quickly they can get the vaccine". There are roughly 200 million people waiting in line before those under 65 are healthy and wealthy. With the anticipated snafus, it could be summer before they get theirs. After his report, Frank was asked if someone would pay $ 50,000 for the vaccine. "The rich," he replied, "will pay for everything."
An exaggeration, we hope, but the pandemic has significantly exacerbated class differences. Due to their naturally socially distant circumstances - large houses, remote working, domestic help and Instacart - the beneficiaries have a massively better chance of survival. Combine that with a series of studies that show the rich are less ethical, proportionally less generous, and place more emphasis on their own importance and continued well-being, and you can see the opening to doom. How could one explain the parents in Hollywood and Greenwich who turned into monsters to take their darlings to elite schools?
It would be less to fear if we had a functioning president rather than one who sends a record-breaking number of tweets and a video that throws a wrench into the economic bill at the last minute. What a difference it would make if he went into the situation room to see that the first cans arrive at their destination and didn't lose a second shipment because he miscalculated his bargaining power. No one would mind if they did a winning lap on Operation Warp Speed ​​if they also gave a talk from the Oval Office on Rosie the Riveter and how a vaccine doesn't work in America - the highest bidder. He should promise that line jumpers will be brutally embarrassed - finally a good use of his Twitter account.
The real shame is that we know we have a president who tosses a baby aside for a place on a lifeboat and who vaccinates his friends and family early, right after giving them pardons. In just 30 days, he will leave us to our better angels. What a gift.
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