American Airlines pilot reports seeing 'long, cylindrical object' fly over plane

An American Airlines pilot said he saw "a long, cylindrical object" that came terrifyingly close to the aircraft while it was flying over New Mexico.
The FBI said it was aware of the incident that occurred on Sunday during a flight from Cincinnati to Phoenix.
The pilot called air traffic control shortly after noon local time to report that he had seen the object, the Federal Aviation Administration said.
"Do you have any goals up here?" You can hear the pilot asking for a radio transmission. "We just had something about ourselves that - I hate to say - looked like a long, cylindrical object."
"It almost looked like some kind of cruise missile was moving very quickly and passing over us," added the pilot.
The FAA said in a statement that air traffic controllers "did not see an object in the area on their radarscopes".
American Airlines confirmed the radio call was from one of its flights, but passed further questions to the FBI.
"After a debriefing with our flight crew and additional information, we can confirm that this radio transmission was on February 21st from American Airlines Flight 2292," the airline said.
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