‘American Horror Stories’ Episode 3 Takes Viewers To a ‘Drive In’ of Horrors

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read if you haven't seen "American Horror Stories," Season 1, Episode 3, "Drive In," which is now streamed on FX on Hulu.
After a fun and creepy two-part premiere that took viewers back to “Murder House” from “American Horror Story” from season one, “American Horror Stories” took a different path for Episode 3, “Drive In”.
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The action stayed in Los Angeles and began with a couple of teenagers joking around while Bob Ross painted happy little trees in the background on TV. Boy Chad (Rhenzy Feliz) thought they should be "normal" and have sex because they'd been together for six months while girl Kelly (Madison Bailey) wasn't ready. When Chad threw a previous relationship in the face, Kelly stormed off, lamenting that he was going to die a virgin. Well, knowing this show ... maybe!
The next day, Chad's friend Quinn (Kyle Red Silverstein) suggested that he take Kelly to a scary movie for fear of making her "an oyster ready to declutter," who - will make some better friends, Chad. But Chad, obviously a “Scream” fan, showed his disdain for horror movies with the meta-comment: “Horror movies suck now. They are either low rent crap to fill a streaming menu or pretentious crap to put you to sleep. What's left? "
But just like in real life (here in large part because of the pandemic), it turned out that drive-in theaters were making a comeback and a local showed a "cursed" movie called "Rabbit Rabbit" only once because the 1986 screening went crazy and started attacking each other. By the time the film ended, six people were dead. Director Larry Bitterman (John Carroll Lynch) was eventually dragged before Congress - including Mrs. Tipper Gore (Amy Grabow) herself - and all of the film's prints were destroyed. Or so they thought.
The "supporting role" of Tipper Gore was a nice gesture as she campaigned in the 1980s for artists to be more transparent about the content of their music when it is not suitable for children. That she puzzled a horror film director about his film was spot on. When Gore Bitterman announced that the studio agreed to destroy every copy of "Rabbit Rabbit," he jumped over the desk and choked her, proving her point.
The testimony footage was enough to convince Chad to get Rabbit Rabbit tickets for herself and Kelly, while Kelly's friend Dee (Ben J. Pierce) advised her not to be “afraid of the tail” and just keep it simple to get started with Chad. That would be very, very good advice.
At the drive-in theater, a woman (Naomi Grossman) who claimed to have been to the original screening protested the screening and yelled at the cars that they would all die if they saw the movie. Meanwhile, the owner Verna (Adrienne Barbeau) freaked out because no one had actually delivered the film.
When the director finally showed up with it, the protester yelled at Chad to kill the film by throwing the fuse box. She claimed that at the original performance, before her boyfriend was killed in the frenzy, he ripped out the apple of her eyeball with his teeth and swallowed it. Ew.
But the movie started and, as expected, all hell broke loose at the drive-in theater. As they watched, the eyes of the moviegoers went bloodshot, then their pupils dilated to full black and veins protruded on their necks and above their faces. The protester tried to stop the film, but the driver attacked her with scissors. Suddenly the parking lot was in total chaos when people started attacking each other and Chad and Kelly tried to drive away. They were safe from the movie because they were so busy messing around that they didn't see anything of the show.
Chad's boyfriend Milo (Leonardo Cecchi), who dated Kelly's girlfriend Dee, was… not so lucky, and Kelly had to tear down Zombie Dee when they tried to escape. But it prevented her from seeing where she was going, so they crashed into the food stand and had to protect themselves in the projector booth with the corpses of the owner's victims when a mob of angry, zombie-like creatures hit the door outside.
Chad was almost tempted to turn himself into these movie zombies, spellbound by the movie and the bloody mess below, but the owner who attacked Kelly ripped him out and he killed the owner in a violent rage and then turned off the movie .
In the morning Chad wanted to call the police, but Kelly said nothing - the cops would interrogate her all day and they had to stop the second check before more people died. Kelly found a shotgun that she hilariously said she could use because her father is a Marine, and that has everything to do with everything. But they took off, armed with a shotgun and the scissors that Chad grabbed from the protester's eye socket - which Chad had to use immediately on his friend Zombie Quinn.
Kelly and Chad managed to track down Bitterman in his trailer, who was enjoying the carnage on the news. Kelly asked for the other print and Bitterman insisted that there was no other print. But he was pleased to hear that “everyone” who watched was struck because his experiment was successful - it turned out he was the second assistant to the editor on “The Exorcist” and brought the subliminal of that film for "Rabbit Rabbit" to the next level.
The show flashed back on Bitterman, who visited its editor after watching "Rabbit Rabbit" - he found that she had cut her fingers and she was admitted to a mental hospital. Claiming it was a combination of overwork and drug use, he managed to put on a showing of "Rabbit Rabbit" in a regional theater before Tipper Gore got all of the prints destroyed and Bitterman served them for 15 years for assaulting them.
Kelly and Chad were understandably disgusted with Bitterman, so Kelly shot him in the knees to get him to tell them where the other copy was. They lit it on the stove and left him there.
"You think this is the end of the movie?" He shouted as the trailer went up in flames. "This is only act I!"
Kelly and Chad left the burning trailer like they were the heroes in a Quentin Tarantino movie, and then they went home and had sex. But Bitterman's declaration of death, of course, turned out to be true for the world within the show. After all, he'd parked a Rolls Royce in front of that trailer - which suggested he'd made some money recently. When Kelly and Chad had sex, the camera panned again to a screen they had in the background, only this time it was Netflix, where "Rabbit Rabbit" appeared as a new release. Explosions began all over the city outside her window.
(That it was streaming giant Netflix makes sense for the story in its global reach, but since it's also where "American Horror Stories" Ryan Murphy has his overall contract, rather than where this show is streamed, that has a little more clout.)
This episode hasn't revisited any seasons of "American Horror Story," though Lynch and Grossman are definitely familiar faces in the Ryan Murphy verse. Instead, "Drive In" delivered a really decent, creepy beat in the middle of the episode ... and that was it. It left things a little open, as did the two-part premiere. We don't really know what became of this story of Scarlett (Sierra McCormick), either in the present, while she is traveling the world without her dead love, or in the past: there was the strange detail in episode 1 about that Scarlett was kidnapped as a baby and what really happened there was never taken up again.
Could it be that at the end of the season all seemingly independent episodes of "American Horror Stories" are linked? Amazon Prime Video's “Modern Love” did that in its season one finale episode, but admittedly an anthology about romance and an anthology about horror are very different things.
American Horror Stories releases new episodes on Thursday's FX on Hulu.
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