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Over a month after announcing she was splitting from her husband following allegations of an abusive relationship, streamer Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa took to Twitter to share some news (and stats) on how things have unfolded in the weeks since .
Amouranth, one of the world's most popular streamers - and currently the only woman in Twitch's top 100 list - leveled the allegations against her husband in October, before announcing she was leaving him and regaining control of her finances. Now, in a series of tweets created over the weekend, she's shared some of the first news and information (outside of her streams, at least) on how things have been going.
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First off, she's posted a detailed breakdown of her total time spent streaming various games and activities since she recently returned to Twitch (she understandably took a hiatus after the allegations and breakup first surfaced), as Responding to criticism that their content "didn't change". She says that prior to their breakup, she spent "50%+ or more" of her time in front of the camera doing "Jacuzzi" streams, and now it was down to about 10%:
These whirlpool currents were cited by Amouranth as one of the factors in their separation, as we reported at the time:
Her husband is also accused of forcing her to air content such as telling her to "devote herself to the grind because it was a good financial opportunity" and continuing to post a large number of "whirlpool" videos, himself if she didn't want that, or making her participate in events like long streams because he threatened her.
Addressing further criticism on Twitter of someone accusing her of the whole thing being a "rebranding," she says, "I can do whatever I want and I'm still making 7 fig money a month. life is better".
If you think 60 hours is a lot of Just Dance, I can tell you that my kids recently got Just Dance 2022 on the Switch and my eardrums feel like they played 60 hours on day one.
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