Amy Coney Barrett didn't disclose 2 talks with anti-abortion groups to the Senate

CNN has found another controversial event that Amy Coney Barrett failed to inform the Senate about.
Upon her appointment to the Supreme Court, the Senate asked Barrett to list all of the presentations she gave and to provide a transcript of the event. However, CNN reported that it failed to mention her at two Right-to-Life student group events at Notre Dame University.
Barrett is a professor at Notre Dame and a Circuit Court judge. She gave a lecture and seminar for anti-abortion groups in 2013, both as a professor, CNN reports on social media ads and a faculty newsletter, in which the events are described. The seminar was held "on changes in the law and the life of women according to Roe v. Wade" as part of a series on "Questions of human life and dignity". Notre Dame's Right to Life Club and Minor for Constitutional Studies jointly sponsored the event. The talk also dealt with Roe, who was given by the Jus Vitae Club for the "Right to Life".
Earlier this week, Senate Democrats asked why Barrett hadn't posted an anti-abortion ad, which she signed in 2006, calling for the Roe decision to be overturned. Democrats rejected Barrett's nomination not only because it came just weeks before election day, but also because Barrett has a conservative legal mindset and is affiliated with anti-abortion groups.
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