Amy Grant Shares Photos After Open Heart Surgery, Says Recovery 'Felt Miraculous'

Amy Grant informs her fans of her "miraculous" recovery after undergoing open heart surgery earlier this month.
The 59-year-old Christian pop singer underwent surgery on June 3 to correct a condition called PAPVR, which stands for partial abnormal pulmonary venous reflux. "According to UW Health.
On Sunday, Grant shared pictures of her scars after the operation on Instagram, comparing her ordeal to "being a non-runner who was registered for a marathon."
"I didn't want it, but I still had to have it and it was Wednesday a week ago," she said. "And when people heard about the operation, I got messages saying: 'I pray for you' ... 'I pray for you'. People I worked with decades ago, people who came to my concerts or mine Listening to music, my work family, people on social media and my own friends and family all said their prayers. "
Amy Grant / Instagram Amy Grant
She went on: "And now, 10 days later, I just want to say, from the moment I went to the hospital, if it was really a marathon race, I felt like I was in that runner block and as soon as it was time There was this massive wind on my back in West Texas for the start of the race. I just pushed my way through. Even things that I was really afraid of felt like nothing more than a deep breath and something supernatural me through. "
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The Grammy-winning singer said that her recovery "honestly felt wonderful."
"And so I want to thank everyone who said a prayer for me," Grant added. "Prayer changes everything. Let's continue these prayers for our country and turn all the brokenness into love and see each other. I love you. Amy."
Grant's representative confirmed to PEOPLE earlier this month that she had undergone the operation.
"She had open heart surgery to correct a condition from birth that doctors discovered during a cardiac exam called PAPVR. Fortunately, the doctor said it couldn't have gone better," the spokesman told PEOPLE. "We pray for a full and easy recovery in the next days, weeks, and months."
Getty Images Amy Grant
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Getty Images Amy Grant
In a February statement, Grant said in a statement on Twitter that her doctor had discovered heart disease during a "series of tests" even though she had not mentioned PAPVR at the time.
The singer "Every Heartbeat" said in the post that she was born with this disease, but is "completely asymptomatic".
In this post, she also indicated that she would have surgery later in the year.
"The second good news is that it's fixable. Instead of concerts and camping trips this summer, I'll take care of my heart," she said at the time, adding, "take care of your heart ?! Please do that." . "

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