Amy Klobuchar Only Stepped Out Of The VP Race To Save Herself

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 13: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) attends a LULAC presidential town hall at the College of Southern Nevada on February 13, 2020 in north Las Vegas, Nevada. The League of United Latin American Citizens held the President's City Hall with Democratic presidential candidates "to solve Latino problems for nearly half a million Nevada voters". (Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images)
After a turbulent high season, which now seems like a distant memory, the candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is the front runner of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is looking for a colleague. Former presidential nominee Amy Klobuchar will not be his vice president, however. On June 18, Klobuchar stepped aside and pulled her name out of the way to explain that she wanted to make room for a colored woman to take on the job instead.
"This is a moment to put a colored woman on this ticket and there are so many incredibly skilled women," she said in an interview. "If you want to heal this nation now - my party, yes, but our nation - this is surely a damn good way to do it." While it may be true that Klobuchar believes that the position is best for someone who is not a white woman, it is likely that Klobuchar’s records prevented her from becoming vice president. The VP review process is rigorous and there are parts of Klobuchar's records that have been scrutinized.
The Minnesota Senator has spent months investigating her prosecution and statements regarding the murder of George Floyd and other unarmed black Americans. Your decision to step aside is not a decision at all - and at this moment of uprisings demanding justice for blacks, Klobuchar's supposed place for a WOC fellow reads more opportunistically than anything else.
A few months ago, Klobuchar's file came under fire for dealing with Myon Burrell's case, setting out the possible illegal sentence to a 16-year-old who is serving a life sentence. She was the district attorney in Burrell's case and had to go through a detailed investigation that revealed that he might not even have been at the scene. As a result of the new reports, the senator had to cancel one of the last campaign rallies in her home country when protesters called for justice for Burrell. The case became even more important after Biden claimed that the black voters were “not black” if they didn't vote for him in a radio interview. This was the day that news reports about Klobuchar were in circulation as his running companion.
The Burrell case is just one of the points against Klobuchar. At the beginning of the main trial, Klobuchar was publicly examined for harassing its employees. BuzzFeed News reported that the candidate ran a workplace behind closed doors that was "controlled by fear, anger, and shame." The staff said she was often humiliated and abused her almost daily. It is an "open secret" in Washington, DC that Klobuchar often loses control over employees.
To the extent that the election of the Vice President is important, Biden needs an election that will strengthen his credibility among young people and progressive voters. Rebecca Kavanagh, a civil rights lawyer, reiterated the fact that Klobuchar's bow was not about justice for colored women. “Klobuchar is so calculating. She knew she wasn't going to be selected, so she took herself out of the competition to avoid humiliation and thought she was going to collect points by pretending to do it for black reasons for a bigger reason Support women, ”Kavanagh then tweeted Klobuchar's announcement on Thursday.
Ashlee Marie Preston, a lawyer and a black trans woman, also tweeted after her announcement, saying, "Amy Klobuchar has to stop signaling virtue. She only says the vice president should be a colored woman because she has no chance in hell , after it became known that she, as a prosecutor, will let police officers get away with cold-blooded murder. "
Both Preston and Kavanagh, of course, refer to Klobuchar's record as chief prosecutor for the Minnesota county, which also includes Minneapolis, where George Floyd died. Though her condition is troubled, and the uprising that began with Floyd's death will never happen shortly, Klobuchar released a passive language statement about Floyd's death and police feelings.
Klobuchar clearly uses the current political moment to get out of the scene early and to avoid more public control. It remains to be seen how her records will be checked and how she will work to heal her Minnesota community.
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