An 18 year-old inmate who traumatically lost her baby in prison did not get offered counseling. But guards who failed to help her did.

A cell in the new HMP Bronzefield (Women's Prison) in Ashford Middlesex, England. Tim Ockenden - PA Pictures / PA Pictures via Getty Images
A woman who lost her baby in prison was not offered counseling, but her guards did.
According to The Guardian, the woman called three times for help during labor, but none came.
The English prison, the largest for women in Europe, "deeply" regretted the incident.
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An 18-year-old inmate who traumatically lost her baby in Europe's largest women's prison was not offered counseling despite the prison guards not helping her, according to a report by The Guardian.
The vulnerable woman, identified only as "Ms. A", was ignored by prison guards despite several appeals for help.
A devastating report by a prison guard released last week describes how the teen was born all alone and was found in her bed cradling her dead baby 12 hours after her cell phone rang.
The woman described that during this ordeal she was in constant pain, even passed out, and woke up only to find that her daughter had died. She bit the umbilical cord and tried to clean the blood from her cell.
Despite all of this, the woman was reportedly not offered any further assistance.
"The involvement of police and coroners in the immediate aftermath of Baby A's death and the prison's lack of understanding of the role of the local child death investigation team resulted in Ms. A not receiving the routine funeral work and practical support that would normally be provided . " The report said, according to The Guardian.
On the other hand, the employees have been offered help from outside consultants, the report says. Those who worked in the inmate block and ignored their cries for help stayed in prison, it turned out.
The woman, who was jailed in August 2019, was on remand and charged with robbery. It was her first time in prison.
The prison has since said it deeply regrets what happened and stated that it would implement the recommendations made in the report.
Vicky Robinson, the prison director, said, “It was tragic and very sad. We are deeply sorry that this happened and our thoughts have been with the family all along, ”reported the BBC.
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