An American Airlines 737 Max declared an emergency after a mechanical issue and landed safely

An American Airlines Boeing 737 Max.Joe Raedle / Getty Images
A Boeing 737 Max declared an emergency before landing safely on Friday.
The model 737 Max has been plagued by issues since its introduction in 2019.
American was the first US airline to resume 737 Max flights when the aircraft returned to service.
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A Boeing 737 Max traveling to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey declared an emergency after the captain shut down an engine due to a possible mechanical problem, American Airlines said Friday.
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The American flight 2555 from Miami landed safely in Newark without incident, the airline said. The airline said the problem was related to an engine oil pressure or volume indicator, and not anything related to the maneuverability enhancement system that has been linked to the two fatal 737 Max crashes that resulted in the 20 month landing of the aircraft .
"American Airlines Flight 2555, which connects Miami (MIA) to Newark (EEA), had a potential mechanical problem as it neared its final destination," American Airlines said in a statement to Insider. "The plane landed safely and without incident at 3:28 pm CET and rolled to the gate on its own. All customers planned normally without any injuries to passengers or crew members being reported."
Boeing Co. said it was aware of the American flight and the Federal Aviation Administration said it would investigate.
American was the first US airline, closely followed by United, which put the 737 Max back into service in December. The service was discontinued in March 2019. American was also the first airline to commit to purchasing the new 737 Max in 2011. Boeing's plane had problems from the start. As the aircraft was being propelled up by the placement of the engine, Boeing installed an autopilot system to tilt the aircraft down.
The sensors failed and two planes crashed every month with a total of 346 passengers. The US was one of the last countries to ground the 737 Max.
After over a year of work and testing, the Federal Aviation Administration allowed test flights to resume. It became officially unfounded in November after necessary corrections. Now other US airlines are planning to add the 737 Max to their fleets. United Airlines has just ordered another 25 models while Alaska Airlines has just started flights on the 737 Max, Insider's Tom Pallini reported.
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