An American Airlines passenger says her 11-year-old daughter was made to check her carry-on on a flight to North Carolina, and hasn't got it back 2 months later

After their connecting flight was canceled, the family slept on the floor at Charlotte Airport, Beth Gill said. Chris Graythen/Getty Images
Beth Gil's husband and daughter were told to check in their carry-on luggage on a flight in mid-June.
After their connecting flight was cancelled, the family slept on windowsills at Charlotte Airport.
They took a train home instead, but had to leave without their luggage. Her daughter's bag is still missing.
An American Airlines passenger has told Insider that her daughter still hasn't received her carry-on bag back two months after she had to check it in on a flight from Arizona to North Carolina.
"We intentionally packed carry-on bags because I didn't want to worry about going through baggage claim and getting our bags," passenger Beth Gill said, echoing the sentiments of other travelers to Insider.
Gill, her husband and their two daughters spent a two-week vacation in Las Vegas in June and were scheduled to fly June 16 from Phoenix to Charlotte, North Carolina, connecting to Raleigh.
But on the first leg of the flight, which was delayed, American Airlines told her husband and 11-year-old daughter they had to check in their carry-on bags because there was no space in the overhead bins, she said. Gill claimed there was space in the lockers in the back of the plane.
"My husband said, 'This is ridiculous. They're going to lose our luggage,'” Gil said. "He just had a feeling for it."
Charlotte Airport was in disarray when the family arrived, she said, with passengers running to catch flights and "people everywhere."
After a series of delays due to a lack of flight crew, American Airlines canceled its flight from Charlotte to Raleigh at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning, about two and a half hours after it was scheduled to depart, Gill said.
She was told the next available flight to Raleigh - about 160 miles by road from Charlotte - was on Sunday evening. The family weren't offered accommodation or a rental car as neither was available, Gill told Insider.
A map showing the locations of Charlotte and Raleigh which are approximately 160 miles apart by road. Screenshot/Google Maps
She said she couldn't find a hotel for her family and they stayed at the airport instead.
Gill said she and her family slept on windowsills with beach blankets over them and used backpacks as pillows. Her husband went to baggage claim to collect her bags on the advice of staff, but when he got there he was told there were no staff working at the time to unload the plane, Gill said.
Her husband was told that baggage claim is considered outside the airport, meaning he wasn't allowed to return to the terminal to join her family, Gil said.
Rather than wait until the Sunday night flight departed, the Gill family caught an early train to Raleigh on Friday. Tickets cost $94.50, according to a booking confirmation seen by Insider. She also spent around $85 on Uber rides to and from train stations.
But there was a catch: choosing to travel by train instead of waiting for the next available flight meant she couldn't collect the two checked-in carry-on bags.
"We were told we couldn't collect our bags from baggage claim in Charlotte until 7 a.m.," Gil said. "We had to leave the airport without my daughter's and my husband's luggage."
Gill said American Airlines later informed her that both bags had been scanned at Raleigh Airport.
She said her husband got his luggage back but her daughter's, which had Gill's name and phone number written on it, still hadn't been returned two months after her flight. She's been to the airport three times and tried unsuccessfully to get help, she told Insider, admitting she didn't think the bag would ever be found.
Gill said the family did not receive compensation for the lost luggage, but the family did receive $83 each for the route that was canceled.
"The customer service was non-existent," she said. American Airlines did not respond to Insider's request for comment.
Neither Raleigh Airport nor Charlotte Airport immediately responded to insider requests for comment made outside of normal business hours.
Airlines and airports are struggling to increase staff to meet the increasing demand for summer travel. Pandemic-related layoffs, strikes and layoffs mean they don't have as many workers to do their business as usual, leading to flight delays, cancellations, long security lines and lost luggage.
Passenger numbers at Charlotte -- one of the busiest airports in the world -- are back to pre-pandemic levels. In June, more than 4.3 million passengers flew to and from the airport, around 40,000 more than in the same month of 2019.
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