An artist hid 7 objects in this holiday-themed puzzle - see if you can find them all

Can you find all seven hidden objects? Gergely Dudás / Dudolf
Artist Gergely Dudás, creator of, draws mind-blowing brain teasers that often contain hidden objects or details.
There are 7 hidden objects in this vacation puzzle. Can you find them all
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The Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás creates stunning brain teasers with hidden objects or details and asks the Internet to find them.
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He has published three brain teaser books: one of the Christmas puzzles titled Bear's Happy Hidden Things Book, a Halloween book titled Bear's Spooky Hidden Things Book, and his latest, Bear's Spring Hidden Things Book.
In earlier Christmas drawings, Dudás hid Santa's hat between striped hats, a snowman between snowflakes and a card under gift bags.
There are seven hidden objects in this holiday brain teaser:
Mrs. Claus
A grumpy Santa Claus
A snowman
A bell
A polar bear
An elf
An apple
Can you find them all
Check out the brain teaser below:
Look closely. Gergely Dudás / Dudolf
Did you find Mrs. Claus?
How about grumpy Santa Claus?
Any sign of the snowman?
Do you see the bell
Can you spot the polar bear
Where is the elf?
And finally, can you find the apple?
If you are at a loss, here is the solution:
There they are. Gergely Dudás / Dudolf
Mrs. Claus is on the right. Grumpy Santa is in the lower left corner of the picture. The snowman is almost right above grumpy Santa Claus. A Santa Claus in the middle of the picture is holding the bell. The polar bear is to the right and a little below the bell. The elf is up in the right corner.
There is also a hidden bonus item that was not on Dudás' original list. Did you see it?
There is also a hidden gift. Gergely Dudás / Dudolf
There is a wrapped present in the top right corner. Who doesn't love a surprise gift?
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