An Atlanta police officer charged in Rayshard Brooks' death believes he 'didn't do anything wrong'

Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot on June 12 after fighting with the police in a traffic incident when they tried to arrest him after a sobriety test.
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Atlanta police officer Devin Brosnan was charged with assault after the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks on June 12.
Brosnan was seen on video of the incident when he entered Brooks after being shot by police officer Garrett Rolfe, who has since been released and charged with murder.
Brosnan told the Atlanta Journal constitution that the move was "just an instinctive thing" and believed he had "done nothing wrong" in the events surrounding Brooks' death.
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A Atlanta police officer accused of Rayshard Brooks' death has spoken about the incident and told the Atlanta Journal constitution that he believes "he did nothing wrong".
"I have full confidence in the criminal justice system," Devin Brosnan told AJC. "I really do. I am 100 percent convinced that the truth will come out. People will see it as it is. They will understand that I have done nothing wrong. I know that the truth matters."
Brooks, 27, was fatally shot on June 12 after fighting with the police in a traffic incident when they tried to arrest him after a sobriety test. The incident happened in a Wendy's parking lot after an operator who called 911 reported that Brooks had fallen asleep in the thoroughfare behind the wheel of his car.
Both officers involved in the shootout - Brosnan and Garrett Rolfe - are now being prosecuted.
Brosnan, who has since been taken on administrative leave by the police, has been charged with aggravated assault after footage of the post-shoot incident showed his foot on Brooks. Rolfe, the officer who shot Brooks, was released by the police and charged with crime murder.
Brosnan was released from prison on a $ 50,000 bond and spoke to AJC about an interview that was released on Tuesday, the day of Brooks' funeral.
"I feel that my site has not really been heard and given the short time frame, it is difficult for anyone to understand all of the facts and circumstances," he told AJC. "Apart from that, I'm still willing to cooperate."
He called Brooks' death "heartbreaking" and a "tragedy," but said he didn't think he would do anything differently if he got into the situation again.
He said he put his foot on Brooks' head because Brooks had taken his taser and he was "trying to find out what's going on".
Brosnan was thrown on the sidewalk during a fight with Brooks, and his lawyer told AJC that he had a concussion that disoriented him.
Video footage of the incident shows Brooks aiming the taser at Rolfe before he was shot.
"It's just an instinctive thing for my own safety," said Brosnan when he entered Brooks. "When I realized that I was safe, I took it off. In no way did I try to hurt this man."
Video footage from the night of the shoot showed that it took Brosnan and Rolfe two minutes to give Brooks an aide after being shot in the back by Rolfe.
Brooks' widow, Tomika Miller, told CNN she was horrified by the actions of Brosnan and Rolfe on the night of her husband's death.
"I don't know what I would have done if I had seen it myself. But I felt everything he felt only by hearing what he was going through. And it hurt. It really hurt," she said.
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