An auto-manufacturing expert says Tesla's days of production hell have put it '10 years ahead' of the competition

FILE PHOTO: Model 3 vehicles made by Tesla China on display during a delivery event at its Shanghai Reuters facility
Tesla's manufacturing has improved many times over since the days of "production hell," says one expert.
Sandy Munro, a leading expert in vehicle dismantling and cost analysis, says the Model Y is the first electric vehicle he ever recommended.
The company is improving because it keeps evolving its design, which has helped it survive a decade of competition, Munro said in an interview.
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It's been years since Elon Musk slept in Tesla's factory in the middle of "production hell".
And since then, things have improved so much that Tesla is now a decade ahead of the competition, according to a manufacturing expert.
"I don't think they really understood or understood the concept of making cars at production speeds," said Sandy Munro, known for his cost analysis of cars, at a conference hosted by Bernstein last week.
In the past few years, however, things have changed, which investors and analysts have made clear. The company's share price has risen for four profitable quarters in a row, a first for Tesla.
How? "Well, number one, they ripped out a lot of robots," Munro said. "I think Elon thought that somehow robots could do anything, but in reality that has been proven wrong in many, many cases."
Musk himself admitted in April that while robots are helpful, "Tesla's over-automation was a mistake ... humans are underrated."
But there's another area where Tesla has an edge over the competition, says Munro: The design is continually improving.
"So what Tesla did is put out a product that is probably 90%, 95% there," he said. “But they have so many opportunities to examine what's going on in each car all the time that the feedback can say, 'Hey, I think we should do X. Let's make this tech change and implement it in the Vehicles from If a customer has a problem, bingo, we don't know how to solve it or we will replace the parts. '"
"If I had to choose between the two - hit 95% and then basically wait for customers to complain and then quickly change things," continued Munro. "I'd rather take that approach."
This approach seems to be working. According to analysts, Tesla is well on its way to producing nearly 500,000 cars this year, which is in line with the company's targets. The company has already released delivery and production figures for the third quarter that exceeded expectations and set a record. Now that the Model Y has rolled off the line, Munro is impressed.
"I've said in the past that Tesla was probably five to eight years ahead of everyone with the Model 3," he said, "and now in some cases I think Tesla is ten years ahead of all in some areas of the car . " when it comes to manufacturing. "
Tesla will release its third quarter financial results on October 21.
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