An 'out-of-control' passenger is facing federal charges after he forced an Atlanta-bound flight to land in Oklahoma City: authorities

File photo of Delta Air Lines aircraft taking off from Miami International Airport, Florida on Aug. 20, 2012. Alan Diaz / AP Photos
An off duty Delta flight attendant accused of disrupting a Delta flight faces a federal fine.
Authorities say Stephon Duncan forced a flight to Atlanta last week to reroute to Oklahoma City.
He reportedly made announcements over the speakerphone system, saying the plane would be taken over.
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A Georgia "runaway" man is charged with allegedly causing a disruption on board a Delta flight, authorities said.
Stephon Duncan has been charged in federal court for disrupting flight crew members and attendants in connection with the incident last Friday, prosecutors said Tuesday.
Duncan caused a disruption on Delta flight # 1730 to Atlanta, forcing prosecutors to reroute the flight to Oklahoma City. Police said Duncan was "out of control" during the "scary" situation, according to WSBTV.
During the flight, Duncan told flight attendants that he was sitting next to a terrorist, according to insider-checked court documents. Prosecutors said he also hid various personal items on the plane, including a tennis ball, groceries and rubbish.
According to court documents, Duncan ignored the crew members' instructions to remain seated and not to scare other passengers.
A crew member said Duncan, who is employed by Delta as a flight attendant but was off duty at the time of the incident, told ABC News, used the aircraft's public address system to make false announcements to the cabin, including the aircraft being taken over.
When two crew members tried to stop Duncan, he attacked them by pushing both of them and choking one, prosecutors said.
While trying to detain Duncan, flight crew members sought help from passengers. Several crew members and passengers eventually jointly overpowered Duncan, according to court documents.
Oklahoma City police spokesman Jermaine Johnson told ABC News that Duncan said he would take off the plane en route from Los Angeles to Atlanta.
The incident occurs amid a surge in unruly and disruptive passengers. Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Association cracked down on the troubling episodes and imposed a string of hefty fines on airlines.
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